Do employers give you a chance in job interviews?

Do they see you need time to build up your skills?

Look for the Youth Friendly Employer Badge!

What are Youth Friendly Employers?

Youth Friendly Employers are businesses who REALLY put young people at the heart of what they do.

They offer opportunities like apprenticeships with real career development. They offer proper training and support. They are looking for young people from ALL backgrounds and interests. And they know everyone has to start somewhere.

Youth Friendly Employers carry the #YouthFriendlyEmployer Badge to show jobseekers like you that you matter.

What is the Youth Friendly Employer Badge?

It’s a seal of approval given to chosen employers across the country by Youth Employment UK.

Thousands of young people guide our organisation with their views on education, employment and life. We are youth employment experts because we listen. REALLY listen. And companies with the Youth Friendly Employer Badge listen to us.

With our help, Youth Friendly Employers offer work opportunities with fair pay, great training, and interesting work that helps your career and confidence grow.

Why is the Youth Friendly Employer Badge important?

Youth Friendly Employers want to employ you. They want to give you a chance.

It can be hard to find work, to know what careers exist, to know what options are open to you and what skills you need.

Employers with the Youth Friendly Employer Badge can help you access great work experience that matches your level. They want to employ you. They don’t have impossibly high entry requirements. They understand your needs and are keen to help you build your skills and confidence.

What next?

Follow @yeuk2012 and #YouthFriendlyEmployer on Twitter to see the latest youth-friendly opportunities.

Explore Youth Friendly Employers on our Careers Hub.

Look for the Mark on employer websites and job vacancies.

Youth Friendly Employers

These are examples of employers who carry the Youth Friendly Employer Badge. That means they work hard to offer good opportunities, fair salaries, a chance for career growth and personal development. Take a look!

Discover jobs worth applying for. Build your career and confidence once you start work. Look for the #YouthFriendlyEmployer Badge.