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Brighten Your Future With Careers in Eyecare


Careers in eyecare offer a lot of potential to young people. Open your eyes to the possibilities…

Careers for everyone

There are many interesting careers in eyecare and eye wear, with entry at all levels. Whatever your background and interests, you can take your next steps into an eyecare career.

Careers with a chance to earn AND learn

Careers in eyecare can give you the chance to earn while you learn, with courses leading to qualifications at various levels including a diploma or degree.

Caring, Creative Careers

Whether you want to work in fashion or technology, whether you are interested in caring for people or science, if you want to work in retail, in management, in design or in manufacturing, there’s an eyecare career for you.

The Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO) is here to help.

About Careers in Eyecare

The Association of British Dispensing Opticians brings you Careers in Eyecare.

Careers in Eyecare brings together a range of organisations including employers, educators and professional bodies to help you find out about the eyecare careers available.

Did you know?

You can start at entry level and earn while you learn as an optical assistant or technician, with opportunities to continue to study to become a dispensing optician or optometrist.

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Getting started in a career in eyecare

Why not contact an optician near you to find out about work experience? Many people who work in eyecare have started out with a part time or first job in an opticians and found it so interesting they studied for qualifications while working. You can train as an optical assistant with a minimum of 5 GCSEs including maths, English and a science. There are access courses to help if you need to make up one of those qualifications.

Dispensing optician careers that care

Earn while you learn with eyecare careers


Examines your eyes to check their health and see if you might need extra eyecare or a new prescription


Offers advice on frames and lenses that are best for your prescription and lifestyle


Makes specs. Some practices have a lab where the optical technician works