Our Policy and Research Work

Since its creation in 2012, Youth Employment UK has aimed to influence and support the political agenda to ensure that youth employment remains a government priority, and that the views of young people and our Youth Friendly Employer Community are being heard.

Our policy and research work has, along with unique insight from our youth and partner network, positioned us as the leading youth employment experts. We understand “what works” across this broad and complex landscape.


We have worked hard to develop strong relationships – including formal partnerships – across the Cabinet Office and the Departments for Education, Work and Pensions, Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. As a result of our close working relationships with civil servants, Ministers and MPs across all parties, we have been able to represent our membership at a range of round-tables, conferences, parliamentary events and within specific projects.

Key Research

Youth Employment UK has led and supported key research and reports including The Role of the Family in Social Mobility, The Employability Skills Review and our flagship Annual Youth Voice Census Report. As the Secretariat to the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Youth Employment, Youth Employment UK has been instrumental in producing key research from inquiries and presenting these reports to Ministers.

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Youth Voice Census Report 2019: THE RESULTS ARE IN

The Youth Voice Census Report for 2019 is ready and available for download. This annual nationwide survey benchmarks the experiences of 14-24 year olds transitioning between education and employment. Learn more about what the young people of the UK really think about employability, skills and careers education – see key insights and download the report here.

Projects and Campaigns

Youth Employment UK are pleased to have been involved with the following projects:

All-Party Parliamentary Group for Youth Employment

Youth Employment UK is the Secretariat for the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Youth Employment. Its primary purpose is to promote youth employment in all its forms and the role of young people within the economy; to ensure young people’s voices are heard; to highlight the need for quality opportunities; and to share best practice.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Youth Employment leads meetings and inquires that cover a range of youth employment topics.

If you’re an organisation who would like to become involved or find out about meeting dates, please visit the main APPG website.

APPG for Youth Employment

Labour Market Statistics: Employment Figures

Young people are three times more likely to be unemployed than any other group. Youth unemployment figures have come down since their peak in 2011, but Youth Employment UK is committed to reviewing the ONS data and ensuring that youth unemployment remains a key government priority until it reaches zero levels.

Laura-Jane Rawlings of Youth Employment UK says:

“Youth unemployment and under-employment is still a major issue in the UK. Youth Employment UK works with a range of members and stakeholders to better understand the barriers to employment and to find ways to overcome these barriers.

Our work extends to research and policy. We have built and continue to build a strong evidence case of what works in youth employment, what the very real challenges are and what young people are telling us. The Youth Voice Census is our annual flagship research piece that captures the views and experiences of thousands of young people across the UK.

We have established significant and effective relationships with government at all levels, influencing and supporting policy developments and colleagues to better understand the real needs of young people. The work of Youth Employment UK has positively influenced the government’s approach to include more young people through its consultations and we are very proud of the part we have played in that and continue to play.”

For more information, please email info@youthemployment.org.uk or call 01536 513388.