Youth Voice Census Report for 2019

Youth Employment UK’s yearly nationwide survey benchmarks the life, study and work experiences of 14-24 year olds. It can be used to monitor the successes and challenges of activity designed to support young people transitioning from education to employment. Over 3,000 young people aged 14-24 responded to the 2019 Youth Voice Census.

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Key findings for 2019: Not all young people are treated equally

The biggest barriers to youth employment are mental health, location and travel, experience, understanding/having the right skills, and competition for jobs.

Gender affects what information you receive about next steps in school, college and university.

Apprenticeships awareness is on the rise – 83% of young people have been spoken to about apprenticeships.

80% of young people have never had accessing Jobcentre Plus discussed with them.

Work experience matters – not all young people receive it, but 71% rate it as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.

Young women at university are half as likely to receive careers information as young men.

Over a fifth of young people struggle with wellbeing at work.

Young People Say…

youth voice census 2019 work experience

youth voice census 2019 mental health

See more own-voice youth opinions in the 2019 Youth Voice Census report.

A message from Youth Employment UK CEO Laura-Jane Rawlings

Youth Employment UK are delighted to launch the annual Youth Voice Census for the second year running. It is encouraging to see that since the 2018 Youth Voice Census there have been some improvements to the careers information young people are receiving in schools including a raised awareness of apprenticeships and a rise in the quality level young people are rating their work experience placements. However, there are many areas of concern where there is still a lot of work to do.

We know not all young people are being treated equally; they do not get the same access to services, work experience, or skill development, and the opportunities available to them depend on where they live and who they know. Sometimes the differences exist because of age and gender.

If you are a young person with a disability, mental health issue, or if you are from an underrepresented group you will likely face further inequality. If you fall through the gaps and become NEET, you are likely to struggle in cycles of unemployment and low paid jobs.

We are all aware of the funding challenges that schools and colleges are facing, as well as the huge reduction in funding to support some of the most disadvantaged young people. Many of us are also concerned by the re-invention, duplication and waste of investment in initiatives that do not work and how some recent policies such as apprenticeships have very serious unintended consequences. It is not just government investment that is required, but also the investment of business and of us, as individuals, who all have something to offer to this younger generation.

Youth Employment UK will use the information provided by young people in the 2019 Youth Voice Census to develop our services in this coming year, working on our three core objectives:

  • To give young people a voice and empower them to be more prepared for the world of work
  • To help organisations be better equipped to support young people and adopt Youth Friendly Principles
  • To ensure that government policy is geared towards the real needs of young people

Laura-Jane Rawlings

Laura-Jane Rawlings
Youth Employment UK CEO

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THE RESULTS ARE IN. #WorkExperience matters – 71% of young people rate it their experience as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’, but only 52% of young people were offered it in secondary school. Find out more in the new #YouthVoiceCensus 2019 report from @YEUK2012 –

2019 #YouthVoiceCensus: THE RESULTS ARE IN. Everyone’s talking about #apprenticeships! 83% of young people have been spoken to about them -but they are still twice as likely to be informed about university. Download the 2019 report from @YEUK2012:

THE RESULTS ARE IN for @YEUK2012’s 2019 #YouthVoiceCensus. We need to look to raising #mentalhealth support for young people – 21% of young people struggle with #wellbeing at work and cite it as a key barrier to #employment. Download the full report:

THE RESULTS ARE IN. Over 3,000 young people took part in the 2019 @YEUK2012 #YouthVoiceCensus 2019 and indicated a real gender divide when it comes to #CareersEd. Download the full report here –

Editor Notes

  • Youth Employment UK are the leading voice and expert on youth employment issues in the UK. We are a not for profit organisation set up in 2012 to reduce youth unemployment and support every young person to progress. We engage employers in quality youth friendly practice, and support them to become Youth Friendly Employers, as well as giving young people the tools to explore and develop their skills and career options. We lead key research into youth employment and unemployment and support government, business and third sector organisations with our insight and expertise. We champion collaboration and work with all stakeholders invested in youth employment.
  • 1,498 young people responded to the initial Youth Voice Census pilot in July 2018. 3,0008 young people responded to the second Youth Voice Census in 2019. The Youth Voice Census now runs annually in Feb/March.
  • For all media enquiries, please contact Laura Gibbon at or on 07834 434630.
  • Representatives from Youth Employment UK and young people from its network are available for interviews.