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What is #CreateYourFuture?

#CreateYourFuture is a joint campaign between The Careers & Enterprise Company and Youth Employment UK. It aims to provide support to young people who are at key education and employment transition stages in the Summer of 2021.

The campaign is designed to help young people to feel more confident about themselves, the pathways and opportunities ahead of them.

A key part of the campaign involves young people completing activities from Youth Employment UK’s online Young Professional programmes and engaging in additional resources and opportunities to build their knowledge and understanding.

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Young people taking part will gain…

  • An understanding of their own needs
  • A clear and impartial understanding of all the pathways available to them
  • An understanding of where to get support when they need it
  • Support to build their skills for life and work
  • A virtual experience of the world of work
  • Support to choose a future career
  • Support to build a CV
  • Support to connect with youth friendly opportunities to get ahead of the game

#CreateYourFuture 2021: A flexible 6-week programme

Support for schools, colleges and providers

Schools, colleges and providers are invited to take part in the campaign, supporting key cohorts to complete the range of activities across the six weeks.
Lesson plans and resources will be shared with providers who can also access additional support via the Young Professional programme.

The Young Professional Programmes below are freely available for young people aged 14-16 and 17+.

Each of the programmes above hosts individual courses, upon completion of which young people receive a certificate of completion.

Monitoring students’ progress

Schools, Colleges and Providers can sign up to the Young Professional Group Management System via our teaching resources hub.

This system provides support for group registration and group reports so you can see and evidence progress of participants.

For more information, please visit our teaching resources hub.

If you are a Careers Leader you can also record engagements on Compass+

Teaching Resources Hub

How does this campaign map to Gatsby Benchmarks?

Supporting students to access these resources will support work towards the following Benchmarks:


BM2. Learning from career and labour market information

BM3. Addressing the needs of each pupil

BM5. Encounters with employers and employees

BM6. Experiences of work

BM7. Encounters with further and higher education

How to use Create Your Future with your learners

  • Sign up as a Young Professional Provider. To do this, email info@youthemployment.org.uk and request to become a Young Professional Provider. This service is free and will allow you to have Group Management Access to see and evidence the activity of the young people in your network.
  • Ensure students will have access to a device and the internet so that they can complete the online activities.
  • Ensure that any internet access permissions are applied to allow for access to www.youthemployment.org.uk.
  • Pre-register students, particularly those under 16 who will need parent/carers permission to sign up to the Young Professional. As a Young Professional Provider, you will receive full support with this.
  • Register with the Youth Employment UK Newsletter
  • Register with the Careers & Enterprise Company Newsletter
  • Download the Campaign Pack
  • Kick off assembly/video

How to share Create Your Future with young people & parents

EXAMPLE: What you can say to your learners

We’ve teamed up with two national organisations to help support you with information, resources and online learning to help you feel more confident in moving forward in your next steps and choices.

The activities we’ll be covering include:

  • Getting to know all your possible next steps and the range of options open to you
  • Building up your confidence in your life skills and work-ready skills
  • Virtual work experience
  • Exploring ways to connect with Youth Friendly opportunities, both right now and in the future.

This information and support is all here to help you create the future you want. The more you put into these activities, the more you’ll get out of it.

EXAMPLE: What you can say to parents

We’ve teamed up with two national organisations – The Careers and Enterprise Company and Youth Employment UK to help support your children with information, resources and online learning to help them feel more confident in moving forward in their next steps and choices.

The activities that we will cover will include:

  • Information about the range of pathways and choices available
  • Support and information across a range of personal and professional development areas
  • Employability and life skills development
  • Virtual work experience
  • The opportunity to connect with Youth Friendly opportunities.

All this information and support is free to access. The more young people engage with the activities, the more they will get out of the process.

Do you have any questions? Please see our range of parent FAQs to support you in engaging with your children on their journey to future life and work readiness:

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