What can I do with a degree in construction?

construction degree types

You may see a construction career as one where physical work and commitment is what leads to higher pay and more responsibility – not academic qualifications. In fact, several types of degrees in construction will really help you develop your career in the construction industry and beyond.

This guide to the best-paid construction jobs in the UK shows that one of the best ways to get a high salary is to get a professional construction qualification. A construction degree is also very vaulable, but a bit different. It places a focus on classroom learning (though you’ll get the chance to build your practical skills with an employer too). If you’re seeking a management position or expert role and a higerh salary as soon as possible, a construction degree could be the foundation of a great career!

What types of construction degree are there?

Construction degree courses typically available in the UK:

  • Advanced home construction
  • Building services and sustainable engineering
  • Building surveying
  • Civil and architectural engineering
  • Construction management
  • Construction technology
  • Quantity surveying
  • Property and planning
  • Property development and human resource management
  • Property management (building surveying)
  • Real estate and finance
  • Sustainable construction and the built environment

It takes different skills to build a stadium, manage people, save the environment or plan a project from start to finish. That’s why there are so many construction degrees – so you can specialise in an area that’s a good fit for you.

What can you do with a building and construction management degree?

You’ll get to develop in three key areas as a building and construction management graduate – your knowledge of the construction industry as a whole, your communication/business skills and your practical skills.

Some amazing jobs you can do with a building and construction management degree:

You can opt for further study with a postgraduate course in areas like:

  • Business services engineering
  • Construction law
  • Construction management
  • Construction project management
  • International construction management
  • Sustainable management

With a good honours degree you may be able to get direct entry onto a research degree (MPhil or PhD) or an MBA (which could be a good move for you if your main career interest is general management).

Employers you could work for:

The UK is home to several huge construction companies and many small and medium employers (known as SMEs). As a construction management degree graduate will be most likely to work in the private sector, but could also find satsifying employment within local government and the public sector.

Some construction employers who’d love to see this degree on your CV include:

  • UK construction companies (and even international ones)
  • Design and build enterprises
  • Civil engineering contractors
  • Construction project management companies/consultancies
  • Property development companies
  • Sustainable development employers
  • Housing associations
  • Health authorities

What can you do with a construction technology degree?

As a construction technology graduate you could find yourself working on all kinds of commercial, industrial, residential and public projects. You could be actively involved in the construction of anything from roads and bridges to exciting and sustainable buildings as part of an urban renewal project.

Some fantastic roles where this degree on your CV will be a big plus:

The construction industry needs people skilled in finance, planning, management, logistics, marketing, HR and engineering… so your building and construction management degree can open up a huge range of opportunities.

This list of well-paid UK construction jobs will tell you more about some of the roles above and see what surveying and engineering professionals do in the construction industry.

If you want a degree qualification without going to university, you can also find out more about construction degree apprenticeships.

Find out more about getting into careers in construction and explore our construction careers advice.

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