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Engineering and Manufacturing Jobs

Engineering and manufacturing jobs… did you know?

Did you know you could work with drones and lasers in surveying jobs, or that the National Training Academy for Rail (NTAR) trains you up using Virtual Reality? Have you heard about factories using sci-fi robots which talk to each other but need you to tell them what to do? Did you know that switched-on smart cities already exist in the UK and you could even help create the next one? UK engineering and manufacturing industries have so many great opportunities for young people, and these jobs have a bright future.

HOT RIGHT NOW: Engineering and manufacturing jobs to get you started

Here are just a few ways to take your first or next step into a manufacturing or engineering career. People with all kinds of interests and backgrounds are needed to turn technological dreams into a reality, and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to get started.

Engineering and manufacturing job trends

Explore jobs in engineering and manufacturing

What are the top engineering and manufacturing job types in the UK?

  • Vehicle technicians, mechanics and electricians
  • Metal working production and maintenance fitters
  • Routine inspectors and testers
  • Electrical and electronic trades
  • Engineering technicians
  • Welding trades
  • Metal machining setters and setter-operators
  • Metal working machine operatives
  • Assemblers (vehicles and metal goods)
  • Skilled metal, electrical and electronic trades supervisors

Engineering and manufacturing jobs and career routes

Each engineering and manufacturing job listed tells you what qualifications, experience and skills you might need. You’ll also get to know about helpful employers offering jobs like these to young job seekers around the UK.

Think you haven’t got the right qualifications, skills or experience? There are lots of alternative career routes on offer and we’re here to help you find them.

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