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Legal, finance and accounting jobs… did you know?

Jobs in finance and accounting are all about helping people to make their money work harder, whether they are customers just like you or big organisations. You might be working with loans, mortgages, savings, investments, tax, buying and selling… you might be imagining big banks in the City but the world of finance has a lot of variety. Jobs in finance are really important because everything does better with a healthy economy, from education to high street shopping. You won’t be surprised to learn that jobs in law are really important too, because we need a safe society where the needs and human rights of people are met and laws that help us all are being kept. Whatever your background might be, there’s a route into the world of law, business and finance for you.

  • As a school leaver you can apply for business apprenticeships – yes, even degree apprenticeships – with youth-friendly employers like EY Careers.
  • Entry routes are more flexible than you might think. Maybe you fancy a change to a law career after doing a degree in something completely different? Not a problem – there’s a conversion degree for that.

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Here are just a few ways to take your first or next step into a legal, finance or accounting career. Money makes the world go round, but laws are needed to stop society spinning out of control. People with all kinds of interests and backgrounds are needed to make a fair and prosperous world.

It pays to have a passion for business. Enjoy great career prospects, keep up with the latest technology, forge ahead with your personal development and enjoy new experiences every day.

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Legal, finance and accounting jobs and career routes

Each legal, finance and accounting job listed tells you what qualifications, experience and skills you might need. You’ll also get to know about helpful employers offering jobs like these to young job seekers around the UK.

Think you haven’t got the right qualifications, skills or experience? There are lots of alternative career routes on offer and we’re here to help you find them.

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