All change please!

The majority of us are back at work this week, but how many of us are looking for a career change? You might have a spring in your step after the festive break but new research highlights that 75.7% of UK professionals would start an entirely new career if they were given the chance, suggesting they aren’t happy with their chosen path. The research also found that four in 10 workers (39.9%) are unhappy in their current roles.

The research reveals the top 10 industries you should consider in 2018:

  1. Design - If you’re looking for a better work-life balance

Over a third (37.5%) of designers revealed that they don’t have to do any over time, higher than any other industry across the UK. What’s more, over half (54.2%) have the opportunity to work from home when they want to.

  1. Education - If you want more opportunities for training and development

Over two thirds (67.3%) of employers in the education sector invest in regular training and development opportunities for their staff. So, while you may need specific qualifications to get your foot in the door, there are plenty of chances to learn and upskill along the way.

  1. Accounting - If you’re searching for a low-stress work environment

Despite working with finances and complex numbers, accountants were the least likely to suffer from workplaces stress. In fact, only a third (36.8%) admitted to feeling stressed at work, less than any other industry.

  1. Recruitment - If it’s better workplace perks you want

Over half (51%) of recruiters receive workplace perks, higher than any other industry. Topping the list of perks are free fitness facilities/classes (23.1%), flexible working (16%) and staff discounts (15.4%).

  1. Hospitality - If you’re looking for a boss you can get on board with

If you’re looking for a boss you can count on, half of hospitality workers (50.3%) revealed that they’ve never had a bad boss. This number far outpaced any other industry, for which the majority had previously had one or more experiences of bad leadership.

  1. IT - If you’re looking for more flexibility

If you’re looking for the option of flexible working then IT could be for you! Over half (57.3%) of workers in the industry said they have the option to work from home when they want to.

  1. Agriculture - If you want to be happiest in your role

Maybe it’s something about working with nature, but agriculture is the industry that could be for you if you’re looking for all round satisfaction. In fact, 70% of workers in the industry said they were happy in their jobs and this high percentage was not mirrored in any other industry.

  1. Customer Service - If you’re fed up of the gender pay gap!

We’re hearing a lot about the gender pay gap at the moment, and we can only hope this publicity will do more to bridge the gap. But, in the meantime, only one in 10 (10.9%) professionals working in Customer Service roles admitted to be affected by the pay gap, less than any other industry!

  1. Catering - If you want a healthier lifestyle

Perhaps due to the physical nature of many of the roles, catering is the place to be if you fancy being healthier! One in four caterers (23.8%) admit that they eat healthier because of their job and 42.9% have lost weight as a result. Caterers are also some of the most likely to exercise everyday (14.3%).

  1. Legal - If it’s a supportive environment you want

If you’re struggling with workplace stress or any mental health issues, interestingly two thirds (66.3%) of legal workers said that their employer is supportive of mental health – this was higher than any other industry.

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All change please!

The majority of us are back at work this week, but how many of us are looking for a career […]