April: Latest Labour Market Stats

The latest ONS data shows the employment rate at 75.4%, higher than for a year earlier (74.6%) and the highest […]

Apprenticeship training in England – a cost-effective model for firms?

The EPI have released this report today exploring how cost effective the government’s apprenticeship training plans will be. Promoting more apprenticeships […]


This month we are celebrating all things careers at Youth Employment UK. We will be highlighting our favourite, the most […]

Diana Award Nominations

Diana Award nominations are open for two more weeks, if you know a young person going above and beyond in […]

Ambassador stories : my day at the AAC

This article was written by Youth Employment UK Ambassador, Patrick Cantellow Wow, just when I think organisers cannot make an […]


The Home Office has today launched a new advertising campaign to reduce knife crime among young people. By using real-life […]

March: Latest Labour Market Statistics

The latest ONS data shows the employment rate at 75.3%, higher than for a year earlier (74.6%). The data available […]

The Role of Family in Social Mobility

We are proud to launch our report in to the role of the family in social mobility today. In partnership […]

Dormant accounts for youth programme

The government have today launched their statement of intent for the dormant accounts youth programme. It sets out the purpose […]


The National minimum and living wage changes on 1st April – are you ready?! The Government have launched the Check […]