Youth Employment UK welcomes Department of Health and Social Care

We are delighted to welcome the Department of Health and Social Care as our newest Youth Friendly Employer you can also find their new Employer Profile on our Careers Hub.

The Department are supporting young people into a range of exciting career roles and have committed to ensuring these roles are inclusive and youth friendly. We will be working to support their Health Policy Fast Track Scheme across the next 2 months and beyond that to help raise the profile of the exciting and diverse range of careers available within the Department.

With more than 70,000 young people accessing our free skills and careers resources each month we will help the Department to attract a wide-range of young people who may never have considered a career within the civil service before.

On the 10th October our Partnership Director Laura Gibbon presented colleagues at the Department of Health and Social Care with their Youth Friendly Employer certificate with Jenny Richardson HR Director and Tara Gill Fast Track Scheme Lead on hand to receive the certificate.

By becoming a Youth Friendly Employer the Department have agreed to work to the principles of youth friendly employment:

Creating OpportunityCommitment to providing diverse opportunities for young people to gain the skills and experiences they need for work and life.
Recognising TalentCommitment to recruiting young people based on their ability, talent and potential. Understanding they are still developing and may have had limited experiences or educational attainment.
Fair EmploymentCommitment to removing barriers for young people to enter the workplace. Offering fair opportunities and rewards based on the role you are recruiting for and in accordance with the highest industry standards.
Developing PeopleCommitment to training and supporting the development of young people, so they are motivated to take ownership and responsibility for their careers, and they are equipped to progress.
Youth VoiceCommitment to listening to young people and to providing opportunities for their voice to be heard within a community or organisation.

Organisations can find out more about the Youth Friendly Employer Mark and the Careers Hub via this link or by emailing our team.

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