Solving problems: four ways to cool off when you are stuck inside

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Coronavirus means we’re all spending more home time together and tension molehills can turn into mountains. Here are some ways to help keep your cool.

We are living through a very strange time at the moment. Who knew we would all be grounded for the foreseeable? Having this time at home is bringing out some really good things, though. There are great community projects going on, people are enjoying all the loungewear and dogs across the country are very happy! Let’s be honest though… it’s hard, isn’t it? 

Spending time with the people you live with is great. Too much time together means that not only do you run out of things to say but those little habits can really, really get to you. Add to that a period of anxiety and uncertainty and very quickly we will need to be making a lot of apolo-TEAS!

Here are some ways to can calm down when you are stuck inside. 

Take 5

  • Take yourself somewhere quiet and take 5 deep breaths
  • Spend 5 minutes listening to your favourite song
  • Grab a hot drink and enjoy it somewhere quiet for 5 minutes

Taking yourself away from the situation and away from a busy or argumentative environment can do the trick. It can calm you down enough to respond to the situation in a much better way. 

Work through those feelings

Would this situation usually upset you or are you short tempered because of the pressure of what’s going on in the world? Don’t be afraid to own it. Tell the people around you that your temper is short today and you are feeling anxious – saying it out loud and recognising it can really help  them and you.

Work it off

If you are feeling like everythingis getting on your nerves it is likely you need to release these feelings. You can try an online exercise programme but actually it can be shorter than that. Do a silly dance, sing something at the top of your lungs, do a forward roll in your bedroom – it sounds silly but just this act can help!

If you think your family or those you live with are all running high on emotions too, get them involved. Make up a daft TikTok, get them all cheerleading, play football inside… you will be surprised how much better you all feel.  

Write it down

It might just be your general feelings on the current situation and it might only be a couple of words here and there, but it will help. If you are struggling with a person in your household then write it down. You don’t have to share what you’ve written with them, the aim is get all those emotions out. 

There is no right way to feel right now, and we are all working through day by day, so try to be kind where you can. 

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