Supporting young people to fulfill their potential : a webinar with NDCS

In this webinar we are joined by colleagues from the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) to better understand deafness, the barriers it can lead to and what employers can do to support deaf people in to work. 

Joined by Martin McLean and Damian Bell from the National Deaf Children’s Society our CEO Laura-Jane Rawlings explores who NDCS are, more about their ‘Deaf Works Everywhere’ programme and explores some of the big questions surrounding deafness and employability.  An interpreter was made available for the video and we have made a copy of the transcript available at the end of this piece.

The Webinar

The supporting transcript can be found here

Communication tips for employers

  1. Find out how the deaf person prefers to communicate
  2. Get their attention!
  3. Face your deaf colleague when talking
  4. Speak clearly and naturally
  5. Watch your mouth!
  6. Use visual cues, where possible
  7. Make it clear what the topic of conversation is
  8. Stand with your face to the light
  9. Speak one at a time
  10. Reduce background noise

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