New plans for Mental Health Support – our view

Mental health support plans

New plans for Mental Health Support

On the 9th of January the Prime Minister announced her plans to transform mental health support for people in England. In the Prime Minister’s speech she talks about the need for early intervention and support in schools to ensure that young people have the right support at the right time. The plans introduce a range of measures to help transform mental health support in schools, workplaces and communities.

“ This starts with ensuring that children and young people get the help and support they need and deserve – because we know that mental illness too often starts in childhood and that when left untreated, can blight lives, and become entrenched.” Theresa May, Prime Minister

Depression and Anxiety

Mental health support plans
New plans to support Mental health

Over the last 25 years the rate of depression and anxiety in teenagers has increased by 70%, this article explores how external factors like smoking, drinking and teen pregnancies has reduced and yet the overall wellbeing of young people is significantly low. Youth unemployment and underemployment can not be overlooked as part of the issues impacting on the wellbeing of young people. The 2017 Prince’s Trust 8th Youth Index reveals that more than a quarter of young people do not feel in control of their lives, and that a crisis of confidence in their own abilities and future prospects is preventing them from realising their true potential.

You can read YEUK Ambassador Jack Welch full review of this report here.

Our view

We fully support the Prime Minister’s plans, young people have for too long been let down by the services that should support their wellbeing. We often hear of stories from young people within our membership that have been on waiting lists for mental health support such as CAMHS for months at a time. Ensuring that our education system and health system has the funding, information and time to properly support young people is essential.

We welcome the announcement that there will be support for employers to help improve mental health in the workplace. Providing information, guidance and examples of good practice to the employment community will be well received.

At Youth Employment UK we provide support to organisations within our Community as to how they can create Youth Friendly cultures within their businesses. Our belief is that we must see a step change in the way our organisations work with young people and the announcements from Government align with the work we have done to begin to change the culture.

Youth Voice

What we would ask of the Prime Minister and of this new policy is that young people are given an active role in the policy development, service design and accountability of impact. Our young people are the best people to tell us how we can all help change the face of mental health for their generation, be that in schools, in our communities or indeed in work. Giving a voice to young people on this issue is fundamental.

Next Steps

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