Launching Young Professional Membership at Meadowhead School: World of Work Week

This article was written by Harvey Morton, Youth Employment UK Ambassador 

On Tuesday 20th March, I had the pleasure of launching the Youth Employment UK Young Professional programme at my former school and sixth form, Meadowhead. Visiting Meadowhead after a little while was lovely, although, I must admit I felt a little out of place. I was no longer a student or a sixth former, I was a visitor promoting my business and my charity work to enthusiastic students across lunchtime, and I also had the pleasure of sharing my story with a lively Y9 class – I enjoyed it.

I loved hearing all about the student’s ambitions for the future and enjoyed answering their questions both about Young Professional Membership and my own career too. Many were interested to hear all about how they could start a business too while others simply enjoyed asking me all about what keeps me motivated, my most exciting days in the office and what being a Youth Employment UK Ambassador involves.

The Young Professional programme is well underway at Meadowhead, with Y10 students in the process of completing their online training, the students have already learnt all about self-management and teamwork. Young Professional Membership gives students tools and resources to build their personal and work skills. Students can use these to empower themselves and show employers what they can do.

It was great to be able to visit Meadowhead and share my experiences so far with all of the fresh-faced students; I felt special when they were so interested in everything I did. It was also a joy to be able to catch-up with my old teachers who supported me through school. They were really proud to see how much I’d achieved since leaving Meadowhead.

Once you’ve moved on from school, you leave it behind, but when you return, you’re instantly reminded of memories good and bad. A visit to your school will fill you with nostalgia and have you reminiscing about all of the memories you made during your time there.

Good luck to everyone at Meadowhead, I’ll look forward to returning and helping you deliver more Young Professionals content soon.

Next Steps

  • Find out more about the Young Professional Membership here
  • Find out more about our Youth Ambassador Programme here

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