Independent streak & positive attitude! 2

David-Shindler YEUK Advisory Board Member

YEUK Advisory Board member, David Shindler, interviewed three brilliant young women.

  • Rebecca Furey 
  • Lucy Major (Featured)
  • Elizabeth Sanderson (Coming soon)

All three had in common an independent streak, positive attitude and drive to succeed. They have taken things in their stride and act as great role models. Read about their experience and advice!

Lucy Major, Civil Engineering Undergraduate, Manchester Universit

Why choose civil engineering for a degree? 

I’ve always enjoyed and been good at maths so wanted to apply these skills in a practical way.

What careers advice helped or didn’t when making your choice? Who from?

I did an online survey at school that asks questions about your interests and strengths, and engineering came up due to it being a practical application of maths. That was the first time I considered engineering, then after speaking to teachers and my parents about it I realised it seemed like a great course for me.

What is your experience of being a woman on a civil engineering course?

There are about 15 girls out of 120 on my course so we are definitely the minority, but I’ve never found myself being treated any differently. Often when I initially tell someone I study Civil Engineering they are surprised, but I then get a lot of positive comments about it being great for me to do something so traditionally male-dominated. It makes me feel very lucky that I live in a place where gender is not an issue regarding the career path I wish to take. And I enjoy being an example of the fact that gender stereotypes are improving in our country.

What advice would you give?

I would certainly say to not worry in the slightest about being one of the few females who choose to do Civil Engineering.

Where would you like to go now?


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