How does your business become Covid Secure?

As the nation starts to wonder what life outside of lockdown might look like the Prime Minister has started to talk of employers being Covid secure. 

For now it is important to remain vigilant, the best advice is still to stay home and stay safe. The only new admissions to this are that those who can not work from home, like engineers, those in manufacturing and those in construction will now be encouraged to return to work. In addition exercise timings have been extended but the strict social distancing measures remain in place.

What guidance exists for ensuring I am Covid secure?

We are anticipating more guidance for businesses to be made clear over the coming days. For now the Government have produced guides for the following sectors:

  1. Shops running a pick-up or delivery service
  2. Working in people’s homes as a tradesperson, cleaner or nanny
  3. Construction
  4. Manufacturing and processing businesses
  5. Retail
  6. Logistics businesses
  7. Outdoor businesses
  8. Farming: visiting farms for animal health and welfare
  9. Fishing or other short-term offshore work
  10. Cargo-shipping or other long-term offshore work
  11. Transport businesses
  12. Waste management businesses

Where can I find more information

The latest information for businesses on coronavirus is here.

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For more information, please email or call 01536 513388.

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