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The CBI have launched the latest CBI/Pearson Education and Skills Annual Report. The CBI’s annual education and skills survey represents over 28,000 business of all sizes, regions, and sectors, providing a unique insight into employer’s perception of our education system. The results this year provide reason for optimism, but also highlights some significant challenges.


  • Business demand and expectation for skills is continuing to change
  • Alongside qualification businesses highly value work readiness and broader skill
  • Links between business & education remain strong, but progress has stalled
  • Technical education is highly valued, but in urgent need of improvement…
  • Developing the higher education & skills system for meet future skills needs is critical for UK competitiveness…
  • There is fresh impetus & urgency to re-skill existing workforces and instil a culture of lifelong learning
Download the full report and recommendations here

“With thanks to the CBI and Pearson for this insightful piece of research. It is striking that the findings echo those from our Youth Voice Census Report. Young people tell us that they do not have confidence in their skills or the right experiences needed for employment, that they do not understand what careers exist and very few are receiving full information on their options and choices.

Young people want to work and they want to progress but only a third think employers are supportive of hiring them. The Education for the Modern World Report highlights that employers want to support young people, we therefore have to do more to address this disconnect starting with supporting employers to feel more confident in creating those vital opportunities for young people to explore and experience work.

We have to unite the voices and concerns of business and young people to ensure that everyone has the opportunity and skills to fulfil their potential. Creating a youth friendly economy should become our imperative.” Laura-Jane Rawlings, CEO Youth Employment UK

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