Concerns over students mental health : New Research

New research from NUS shows how students are feeling, their concerns and growing mental health issues.

The full report (which you can read here) found that more than 50% of students said that their mental health has declined since March this year.

  • 52% of students say their mental health has deteriorated or been affected negatively by Covid-19
  • Only 20% of students have sought mental health support
  • 29% of those who said their mental health had been negatively affected had sought help
  • Of those seeking help 57% are satisfied with how they’ve been supported

The survey was carried out between 6th – 23rd November with over 4,000 young people sharing their experiences.

Loneliness and isolation

The loneliness and isolation appears to be having an impact on young people. Face to face teaching and social events are cancelled leaving students away from family, friends and loved ones and for new students in particular the opportunities to socialise and make new friends is missing.

Talking more about the findings Larissa Kennedy, NUS National President, said

“It should be no surprise that the majority of students have experienced deteriorating mental health as a result of the pandemic. It is deeply troubling that students are not getting the support that the need, with only 29 percent of those reporting worse mental health accessing services.

Students deserve better than their treatment this term. It is time for governments to fund university, college and NHS mental health services to ensure all students can get the support they require. Students’ unions also need greater investment to continue to provide essential services to students.

Covid-19 has not had an equal impact on all and has further entrenched the disadvantage that marginalised groups feel. Targeted support must be offered to students of colour, disabled students, student parents and LGBT+ students, and funding should be provided to mental health charities working with these groups.

We must tackle the root of these issues. There was already a mental health crisis on campus that has been exacerbated by Covid-19. To alleviate this crisis students need greater financial support, accessible learning spaces and safe accommodation.”

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