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DST Systems is made up of over 16,000 employees globally and with over 3,500 staff across our five Essex sites (in Basildon, Brentwood and Chelmsford) we are one of the largest employers in Essex – as well as one of the biggest Apprenticeship employers in the UK! We also have offices in Dublin and Stirling in Scotland.

What do we do?

At DST we work with many of the world’s leading financial services brands. We provide our clients with specialist technologies and outsourced customer servicing solutions. Our clients include many of the largest and most recognisable organisations in the global financial services industry covering Investment, Pensions, Insurance and Savings providers.

What is an investment operations administrator?

In the world of financial services it’s vital that any customer request is handled in EXACTLY the right way… because a customer’s money is involved. This is an administration job where you have to be super-careful to keep accurate records, dot the Is, cross the Ts and stick to the letter of the law. You’ll be trained to make sure that record keeping and administrative work you do is in line with very clear processes that 100% match legislation, so that customers can feel totally secure that their money is being handled correctly.

We have investments operations administrators in most of our business departments, because that’s how essential your role is in the company – but your tasks will change slightly according to which department you’re in. You could be changing data on request for a customer’s investments, or handling release paperwork when someone passes away to ensure solicitors release funds to people in accordance with the will… there’s a lot of variety in this job. It all involves careful paperwork and caring about getting the details and process right.

As an investment operations administrator, you’ll be doing a Level 2 Investment Operations Administrator Apprenticeship. You’ll earn a salary as you get fully trained, and you’ll work with the Written Services team to deal with customer enquiries via email and letters.

What do you get from this apprenticeship?

This role is a Level 2 Investment Operations Administrator Apprenticeship. You’ll get an Investment Operations Certificate (Introductory Units) on completing your Apprenticeship.

As part of your Apprenticeship you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of all kinds of different investment products, including ISAs, Unit Trusts, OEICs, regulatory legislation, internal processes/procedures and client money rules. Doesn’t make sense now? Don’t worry. It will. That’s what a good Apprenticeship is all about – training you to feel confident doing things you never dreamed possible.

Finally, you’ll also get a competitive salary and the opportunity to progress into a rewarding career in customer communication and financial services. Upon successful completion of the Apprenticeship, employees are eligible for the internal development scheme, with the ability to climb the career ladder further.

What do you need to apply?

You’ll need GCSEs or the equivalent in Maths and English at grade 4/C or above.

Other than that? You don’t need any previous experience. Because writing is part of the role, if you’ve had any previous work experience where you’ve worked with written correspondence, let us know when you apply.

Read through the useful skills below, then send in your application when you’re ready. Once you apply, one of our Resource Management team will get in touch with you to explain next steps.

Apply for DST Apprenticeships

How does the Apprenticeship work?

This role sits within our Chelmsford office and is part of our Written Services team. During your Apprenticeship you’ll gain hands-on experience of dealing with customer enquiries regarding their investments and responding both by letter and email.

Not sure what investments are? Don’t worry – you’ll get fully trained up. By the end of the training you’ll know what investments mean and feel confident you know exactly what to say in emails and letters to customers.

This Level 2 Investment Operations Administrator Apprenticeship lasts about 18 months and you’ll be studying for an Investment Operations Certificate (Introductory Units).

DST Apprenticeships in financial services are all office-based, with additional learning provided online via webinars and a learning portal.

You’ll have a dedicated Apprentice Skills Assessor, and your appointments with them will take place in the office.

Once you complete the Apprenticeship, you are eligible for the internal development scheme to help your career in DST really go places.

What skills do you need?

Useful skills:

  • Good written communication skills including confident spelling and grammar, along with a good eye for detail and accuracy
  • Good general computer skills including basic Word, Excel and email
  • Good organization skills – you’re ready and willing to work to daily/weekly deadlines and follow set processes to get things done.
  • Good self-management skills – these will help you study for your exams while building your skills in a working environment.

You're what the future of financial services looks like.

It’s to your own benefit as well as the company’s that you push yourself to do the best job you can, put customers first, and see every piece of feedback as a chance to learn and improve.

If you want to get ahead with a financial services career, apply for a role with DST.

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We are recognised as one of the largest Apprenticeship employers in the UK. Young people aged 16-24 make up over 30% of our workforce. Our apprenticeships are a cut above. We’re looking for high performers – could that be you?

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