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Mental health and wellbeing

Mental Health Matters.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that for UK millenials and young people, there needs to be more mental health awareness. Depression, anxiety and other challenges can happen to anyone.

You Matter.

Struggling with mental health is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s not your fault. You deserve to take care of yourself and get any help you may need. You are not alone.

Mental health advice and tips

Simple Ways to Practice Gratitude

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MeeToo makes it easy to talk about life…and get support.

Ways to Overcome Employment Barriers If You Struggle with Substance Abuse

Ways to Overcome Employment Barriers When You Struggle with Mental Health

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Supporting Mental Health of Employees During and Beyond COVID-19

8 Ways to look after your mental health during Coronavirus

Helping others with Mental Health Problems

18-24? Get FREE access to new mental wellbeing app, 87 Percent. PLUS: support mental health research!

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Young people are being rejected for mental health treatment

Reaching Out: The Children’s Society Report on Young People’s View Of Mental Health Support

Do young people currently have the building blocks for a healthy future?

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5 Top Freshers’ Week tips for students

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When it comes to mental health in the workplace, we must listen to Generation Z.

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Mental Health Survey – have your say if you’re aged 14-24

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Taking Care of Your Mental Health While Job Hunting

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3 self-help CBT techniques to calm your intervew nerves

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How to take criticism at work while dealing with mental health struggles

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UK Mental Health Resources

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List of mental health crisis helplines in the UK

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Jobs and mental health: Seek Help, Know Your Rights and Know When to Leave

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UK Student Helplines and Support Resources

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Ways to stay calm and reduce anxiety the day before results day

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Exam stress relief – ways to calm exam nerves

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Latest research: young people fear for their emotional health

Time to talk! #inyourcorner

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Mental health support plans

New plans for Mental Health Support – our view

Depression Awareness Week 2016