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Hair and beauty jobs… did you know?

Are you visually creative? Then you’ll know it takes time and skill to get a look just right. Those insta-friendly smoky eyes and wedding looks don’t just happen by magic! Take your talent to the next level with training and qualifications to make your career prospects look as good as your hair and makeup. With time and experience you could progress into management, focus on specialist skills (like beauty therapy or cosmetic special effects) or start your own business.

HOT RIGHT NOW: Hair and beauty jobs to get you started

Here are just a few ways to take your first or next step into a hair and beauty career. People with all kinds of interests and backgrounds are needed to make the world a more glamorous place.

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Hair and beauty jobs and career routes

Each hair and beauty job listed tells you what qualifications, experience and skills you might need. You’ll also get to know about helpful employers offering jobs like these to young job seekers around the UK.

Think you haven’t got the right qualifications, skills or experience? There are lots of alternative career routes on offer and we’re here to help you find them.

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Are you looking for advice that could help you get a job in hair and beauty ? You’ll find lots of honest advice and how-tos on Youth Employment UK.

We have advice and opinion from professionals, but also from our huge community of Youth Ambassadors and Young Professionals. They know what it’s like to be young, unemployed and 100% ready for someone to give you a chance!

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