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PR account manager jobs… did you know?

Every business needs the world to know about the great service it offers. That’s why, as a PR account manager, you could work anywhere and for anyone – from fashion to technology!

PR stands for public relations – in other words, making sure a business comes across well to the public. Viral campaigns are a yes please, and business scandals are a no-no. As a PR account manager you handle a portfolio (range) of clients and promote them to their target audiences. You influence public opinion, help drive sales, and help a brand grow until it’s the name on everyone’s lips.

As a PR account manager you can use a range of tools to help businesses stand out in the crowd. These include handling press coverage and often their advertising. You could be creating news items, press releases, case studies, social media campaigns and product placement. You might not always be able to get Will Smith holding your client’s computer or can of drink in his latest blockbuster, but you never know what your future might hold as a PR account manager…

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PR account manager job trends

How much money can you make as a PR account manager?

£22,000 – £42,000 (UK average)

Recent labour market information says you can earn on average between £22,000 and £42,000 a year as a PR account manager in the UK. A typical salary is around £25,000-£35,000.

Your starting salary can vary because of factors like level of experience, training, location or the size of the company. Your salary will increase over time as you build skills, knowledge, and experience.

What entry qualifications and training do you need?

School, college and training

School, College and Training

You don’t need any formal qualifications to become a PR account manager. Employers may want to see you have a degree in media, public relations, sales, marketing or the arts. As you are working so much at telling a persuasive story about the great services your clients offer, it will help if you have GCSEs and A-levels or the equivalent including English and maths (you will need to keep track of the figures when reporting on your PR successes to clients).

What you really need to demonstrate is your project management wizardry, creative and business flair, and an interest in how the media works.


Some PR account managers get started in this career through an apprenticeship. You’ll typically get structured training while you work and earn, and industry-recognised qualifications. There are many art and design apprenticeships – and journalism apprenticeships - available, and not all of them need you to have qualifications to apply.

While at school or college, speak to your careers advisor about useful training and/or courses for you to take and find out more about the types of career routes available.

Career progression

With time and experience you could become a senior accounts manager, head of department or even operations director if you have a flair for management.

What experience do you need for PR account manager jobs?

Work experience

It can help you decide if this is the right career for you if you have previously done work experience in a journalism, sales or marketing environment.

Any work experience where you have demonstrated journalism or marketing skills can help your application.

Examples of relevant work experience include:

  • Work shadowing (even if it’s just for a day)
  • Work placements in a company
  • Year-long industry placements on a sandwich degree course

What skills do you need for PR account manager jobs?

What life and work skills do you need to make a great PR account manager?

Useful skills to highlight and develop in this career include:

  • Amazing communication skills, both written and verbal – as well as making your press releases sing you will need to have a great rapport with people, quickly building up trust in working relationships
  • Good problem solving skills and an ability to think in a creative way – if your client is selling the same stuff as everyone else, how can you use your PR knowhow to make them stand out?
  • Good organisation skills – you will need to handle several clients, not just one. You will also be at one with your daily planner and your mobile phone will be ringing off the hook. You’ll never miss a meeting or a tight deadline, that’s for sure.
  • Teamworking skills – you’ll often be working as part of a team of accounts professionals. You will need to inspire any junior account executives, and work well with senior professionals and clients.
  • Self-management skills – you will need to work without supervision and use your initiative when it comes to promoting your clients in an eye-catching way.
  • Self-belief skills – the word ‘no’ doesn’t exist in your vocabulary. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! This is a high-energy job and you always approach clients and tasks with a positive attitude.

Vocational qualifications and work experience will help you build these skills over time.

Start building these skills right now - sign up for free Young Professional training.

What does a PR account manager do?

Example day-to-day job responsibilities include:

  • Networking with media contacts including journalists and industry spokespeople
  • Creating PR campaigns for any product, sector or industry you are asked to handle
  • Managing the account needs of your clients
  • Attending meetings and updating your clients on any PR activities
  • Keeping up with the latest PR trends and tools
  • Building client relationships based on trust and positive energy
  • Spearheading (helming or managing) social media activity to promote clients
  • Coming up with news angles, stories and pitches to boost the products and services of your clients
  • Monitoring key performance indicators for any PR activity and reporting on them, so that clients know how well your campaigns are doing
  • Being involved in pitching for new business and clients
  • Managing and supporting junior team members such as marketing executives and  account executives.

Your first steps into PR account manager jobs

Account manager jobs are advertised under different job titles. When you’re looking on job boards, look for the following types of job if you’re just starting out:

All these types of job can be a good match for your skills.

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