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Social Media Coordinator Jobs

Social media coordinator jobs… did you know?

If you can say it or sell it, tweet it! As a social media coordinator you handle a business’s online social presence, and your work goes a long way to help them build their brand.

Working with current online social platforms, you write, schedule and manage posts to present the company you work for in a great light. You’ll have a grip of key calendar dates and any news or content the business has to share. You’ll use a combination of cracking copy and immersive imagery to create engaging posts that go through the roof in terms of likes, shares and visits to the brand’s website.

Your professional goal? To break the internet. In a good way. How’s that for ambition?

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Social media coordinator job trends

How much money can you make as a social media coordinator?

£18,000 – £35,000 (UK average)

Recent labour market information says you can earn on average between £18,000 and £35,000 a year as a social media coordinator in the UK.

Your starting salary can vary because of factors like level of experience, training, location or the size of the company.

What entry qualifications and training do you need?

School, college and training

A way with words is important in this job, and your level of education is a good way to show you’ve built up your word skills because you truly care about them.

Employers will often be thrilled to see you have:

  • An A-level (or the equivalent) or a degree related to English, journalism or media studies
  • Work experience as an editorial assistant or marketing executive.

If you want to study for a relevant degree, it will help if you have been educated to A-level standard (or the equivalent) and one of your A-level subjects relates to English.


Some social media professionals get started in this career through an apprenticeship. You’ll typically get structured training while you work and earn, and industry-recognised qualifications.

You’ll find all kinds of social media apprenticeships available from a wide variety of providers.

While at school or college, speak to your careers advisor about useful training and/or courses for you to take and find out more about the types of career routes available.

Career diary of a social media apprentice – see what our own social media apprentice Rhiannon had to say about her experience!

Career progression

With time and experience you could become a social media manager or head of social media.
Once you have enough time and experience to build a strong CV and network of contacts, you can become freelance and work as a social media consultant.

Gaining marketing, editorial and digital experience will help you to move into related business areas like sales, advertising, PR, journalism, or publishing.

What experience do you need for social media coordinator jobs?

Work experience

Work experience is very useful for this role. Any employer or publication thinking of hiring wants to see that you can write well, have spent some time in a social media, advertising, marketing or digital publishing environment.

Examples of relevant work experience include:

  • Work shadowing (even if it’s just for a day)
  • Work placements in a company
  • Year-long industry placements on a sandwich degree course.

Volunteering and extra-curricular activities

Volunteering is a very useful way to build up your CV if you haven’t had any work experience yet. Nearly every organisation you can think of has a social media account, and you can ask if there’s any way you can help to maintain it as a volunteer.

Are you on Instagram or are you an insta-Gran? Creating your own social media accounts is a great way to learn the tips and tricks of the trade, and keep up with the latest tools and trends. Remember that employers can usually find your social media accounts if they are considering you for a job, so don’t put anything online in your name that you wouldn’t want employers to find!

What skills do you need for social media coordinator jobs?

What life and work skills do you need to make a great social media coordinator?

Useful skills to highlight and develop in this career include:

  • Fantastic written communication skills – you’ll often use a combination of pithy copy and visual imagery (videos and animated GIFs can capture the attention) to get your employer’s message across in an engaging way. You’ll take care to remove any pesky typos or broken links before a post goes live. There’s nothing worse than a post going viral with that one glaring typo staring you in the face.
  • Good problem solving skills and an enquiring mind – what steps would you take to make sure an employer gets as many website visits as possible from a social media campaign?
  • Good organisation skills – you’ll often be working to tight deadlines, and sometimes for a number of clients – especially if you’re working in a marketing agency which handles social media accounts for clients.
  • Teamworking skills – you’ll be working as part of a team, supervised by a social media manager.
  • Self-management skills – you will use your initiative to offer ideas for social content, and contribute to team meetings. You will be able to get on with your work without a team leader always telling you what to do.
  • It goes without saying that you’ll be passionate about social media and the possibilities it offers to build relationships with brands and audiences.

Vocational qualifications and work experience will help you build these skills over time.

Start building these skills right now - sign up for free Young Professional training.

What does a social media coordinator do?

It’s your job to work as part of a social media team to manage a brand’s social media account.

Some typical job responsibilities include:

  • Help to develop social strategies and campaigns as part of a team
  • Plan the social content calendar to ensure posts are regular and will be seen by more of the target audience
  • Post across multiple social media platforms and know them inside-out, from Twitter to Instagram – whatever your employer or client wants you to use
  • Identify and engage with relevant influencers (the VIPs of the social sphere who can help you share and amplify your message)
  • Analyse social media performance to spot campaign successes and opportunities for improvement
  • Report on any social media performance.

Your first steps into social media coordinator jobs

Social media coordinator jobs are advertised under different job titles. When you’re looking on job boards, look for the following types of job if you’re just starting out:

  • Social media coordinator
  • Social media executive
  • Social media apprentice
  • Marketing executive
  • Digital and social media coordinator
  • Marketing communications coordinator

All these types of job can be a good match for your skills.

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