Young Professional Skills and how they can help right now in times of COVID-19

We are currently in a situation which we have never faced before, there are a mixture of good and bad days with A LOT of news thrown at you. It can be a struggle to know what to do and we have come up with some handy hints on how your Young Professional skills can be handy if you feel like you are ready to start exploring them. If you are not, that’s ok too.

The most important thing right now is that you stay home and stay safe.


Young Professionals are clear communicators who actively listen and respond, this current situation can mean it is difficult to keep a clear head. Communication around Coronavirus is emotive, it is important that we take care and follow government advice but do also keep an eye on how much other news and information you are reading online especially if it starts to impact how you feel. If there are what’s app groups or people you follow that are sharing information that makes you uncomfortable mute or unfollow them.

A top level young professional will only share stories they know are real, this is a tough challenge at the moment but keep trying. Be conscious of how other people might be feeling, why not task your group with a quiz about a totally different subject.


We are all collectively part of the biggest and best team there has ever been; team #stayhome are all pulling together to do what is needed! Team stay home has a very positive message but we know that having to spend all day at home with those you live with will have been tough, you’ll need to think about how you might manage difficult situations.

You and your home unit pulling together in a high pressure situation is exactly the type of team player you want to be so think about when you might need to take the role as leader or help manage conflict.

Problem Solving

Where to begin! When you think back on the last few weeks just how many problems have you overcome? From being creative at meal times to working out how you can keep yourself busy when all your plans change over night, young professionals are being creative with the situation they face each and every day. Have you been helping your parents and grandparents with video calls or

For those who are able you might be helping to solve local problems too through volunteering.

Self belief

Whilst no one is walking around every day with a smile on their face young professionals know that staying motivated to stay indoors is important. Keeping positive in the face of school and exams changing and not seeing friends and ending the school year the way they planned is tough but better days are on the way.

Self management

With schools and colleges cancelled it might seem that there is less to manage than before but it is going to take you using your initiative and organisation skills to help you plan your days out and think of things to do. Having some routine is important, it doesn’t have to be what you would have had if you were still in school but keeping to a morning and evening schedule can help give you structure and boost your mood.

Think of ways you can structure your day to help the people you live with, are there extra chores you can do or things you can do to make sure your parents work calls aren’t interrupted. Think about a meal or activity you can become accountable for and work that in to your schedule if you can.

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