What is a gratitude list and how do you use them?

A gratitude list is a list of good things that have happened that day or things you appreciate in life. It’s a useful way to focus on the positive, especially in these uncertain times.

Here we take you through what you can use gratitude lists for and how to get started.

What is a gratitude list?

Gratitude is a feeling of thanks or appreciation. A gratitude list is your record of the things you feel grateful that day or in that moment.

What do people use gratitude lists for?

The lists are useful to take a moment to appreciate something good that they have, or that has happened that day. Lots of people find that creating a gratitude lists keeps them calm and helps with their overall mood. People take comfort in being able to look at the feelings they have right now and the good things that are happening.

How to make a gratitude list…

So you are intrigued and think it could be useful but not sure where to start? Well….

Keep it simple

Gratitude lists work well when you can keep them simple. This list is just for you. You don’t have to worry about sounding ungrateful or like show-off. Yes, of course you can feel grateful for your personal achievements!

You can include the big things you are grateful for, like somewhere safe to sleep – or the smaller things like catching your favourite song on the radio, completing a boxset or enjoying that perfect cup of coffee you just made.

Keep at it

Try to keep it consistent and part of your daily practice. Write your gratitude list in the same place each day. This can be on your phone or in a diary or book. These little lists are a reminder of all the things each day that have made you smile. What a good thing that is!

Stay away from focusing on what you don’t have

These lists are not a comparison or reminder of the things you don’t have right now. This exercise is purely about focusing on what you do have!

Mix it up

Try not to make your list full of things you own. Objects can bring us happiness, of course, but think about other things you are grateful for too.

Make it yours

If you search for gratitude lists on Instagram or Pinterest you will see people get really creative with how their lists look. You don’t have to do that but make sure it is something that makes you happy. Doodle, colour code, add pictures or whatever it is that makes you feel like this is yours!

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