The Final Countdown



I’m now at a point in my life where employability and my future career are being drilled into my head. This is why I’m glad I signed up as a Youth Ambassador for YEUK in December 2014. Having joined the organisation, I’m now aware of so many other young people in a similar boat as me. More than anything, it’s reassuring to know that something is being done to boost the chances for the employment of the UK’s youth population.

So, where does my future career lie? As someone who has a passion for English, it makes sense for me to follow a path in this walk of life. Specifically, I feel like I’m being called to work in the classroom of a secondary school, teaching future generations about English and bringing them up with a similar passion to myself.

How will I achieve this? First things first, I’ve got this final year of university to get through. The main item on the agenda here includes the all-important dissertation, in which I plan to focus on the Romantic poet Coleridge and his poem, ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’. This will be no small undertaking, but if I get it right, it will demonstrate my academic prowess and help to prove my worth as a teacher.

As luck would have it, my final year also incorporates a module which focusses on getting into teaching. This involves securing work places within the classroom, so as to test our aptitude in managing a class of pupils. Once my final year is completed, I will go on to spend a year in a teacher training course, pursuing a PGCE. Assuming this all goes well, I will then go on to find a secondary school which accepts me into its ranks.

13_07_23-zb-flickr-englishTeaching is truly my dream role. If I follow my plan to achieve this and I succeed, then I will be very happy. But first, I must work through my final year to the best of my ability, which I’m sure will go by quicker than anything. Though a chapter of my career may be drawing to a close, other things will follow. This applies to everyone- though a current role may be drawing to a close, better things are coming, and if we pursue them, our careers and our lives will be the best that they can be.



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