5 ways to improve your work readiness

By Kenechi Eziefula  1. Improve your time-keeping Time-keeping is one of the most basic and valued skills that you can […]

Ex-offenders and employment: The Vicious Circle

Ex-offenders and employment: The Vicious Circle By Youth Ambassador,  Alex Knight An area of youth unemployment that hadn’t even crossed […]

interview confidence

Interview Tips – Confidence is King!

A sparkling CV gets you through the interview room door, but charisma is the clincher. Successful candidates exude confidence and […]

Girl’s what will you do with your degree?

Girl’s what will you do with your degree?  It surprised us to read, that after completing a degree so few […]

ncc logo

Meet NCC’s first ever Apprentice – 2009

Sally Swift was the first ever apprentice to be employed by NCC back in 2009, and has paved the way […]

The ‘Youth Employment Summit’ 2015

The Youth Employment Summit 2015 As with any event that focuses on youth unemployment in the country, it is important to […]

Department of Education and youth organisations

  Seeing a teacher outside of school is usually an embarrassing experience, but is even worse if the teacher works […]

Young Person Dashboard

The benefits to joining YEUK

 16-24?  Read the benefits to joining YEUK  Database of Youth Friendly Employers   (coming in June 2015) Want to know […]

Employment views, by Luke Mayo

Employment views  By Luke Mayo Youth Ambassador We all have our own outlooks on employability – how to achieve it, […]

#Emilymatters: A Voting Revolution

#Emilymatters: A Voting Revolution By Youth Ambassador Jack  Like any campaign, its inspiration must have its roots. The #Emilymatters cause, founded by actor/writer […]