Which jobs are easiest to get post-lockdown?

As the world adjusts to lockdown easing, some jobs are easier to get than others. It won’t be forever, but every job you do will add to your skills, knowledge and personal self-development. So here are just some of the types of jobs where more young people are getting hired right now!

BONUS INFO: Looking for jobs online? Many jobs boards have made it much easier to use the ‘remote’ filter to show you are just looking for jobs where you can work from home, if you are shielding or have any reasons why working from home is what you want or need to do right now.

Digital Database Administrator

As the world shifts online, you can always boost your digital skills with a data admin job. Many companies across the UK have realised that it’s fine for their people to work from home (also known as remote working). This is especially true if your job involves working online. So if there aren’t any database administration jobs in your local area, you can still apply for similar jobs anywhere in the UK where the employer is happy for you to work from home.

IT Support Technician


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If you’ve ever watched the IT crowd, or had a technology-fearing member of your friend group or family, you’ll know that some people really do struggling with turning the computer off and on again. Your mission as an IT support technician is to provide help to computer users. You’ll hear their problems, diagnose what the issue is then help them make their software or hardware get back to work the way it’s meant to. Whenever you phone a help desk, you’ll get someone supportive at the other end – and this work is often done remotely, sometimes (but not always) in completely different countries. There may be a chance for you to work from home, but the job is also in demand because the online world is our lifeline more than ever before.

Social Media Co-ordinator

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As fewer people go to physical shops to buy products, businesses have to make sure they are connecting with their customers online so that customers will know to buy their products and services online instead. Reaching out to customers and fans of a brand on social media takes a lot of skill, but it still something you can step into as an early career!

Lorry driver (LGV driver)

Lorry drivers are in demand right now. You could be taking stock to and from an Amazon warehouse, or supermarkets across the UK. As more and more people are shopping online instead of on their high street right now, all the things they buy online have to get moved around somehow. Lorry drivers and delivery drivers are both jobs you can explore if you have a driving license and any other requirements like extra qualifications for large goods vehicles.

What other jobs are booming during the pandemic?

  • Cleaners – domestic and commercial
  • Warehouse operatives
  • Supermarket staff and food retail staff

Some areas of work are going to be struggling for a bit right now, and no-one is quite sure what the near future holds. For example, some fashion retail stores are finding it a challenge to get the customers they need coming to their doors.

Whatever happens, this won’t be forever. And we’ll finish up with some positive advice and stories. Young people are still finding rewarding work in spite of the pandemic!

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