Lessons from lockdown : what we should remember this time round

What have we learnt from the last lockdown to help us this time round?

As of Thursday England went into full lockdown again, there are also additional and changing restrictions in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. 

We are expecting his current lockdown to end on the 2nd December but we also know that this might change. As frustrating as it can seem these decisions are being made up until the last minute balancing the safety of us, the National Health Service, the economy and business needs. 

What we learnt from the last lockdown

I went through a stage in the last lock down of feeling that everybody else was achieving so much more than me, social media was full of people learning new skills, languages, exercise routines or full on redecorating or decluttering. There was a real surge in people undertaking new things but these eased off, some managed to finish courses and enjoy themselves while doing it but others quickly found that they were setting unrealistic or unwelcome expectations on themselves. 

We have to go easy on ourselves this time round, remember the only ask of us is to stay home and safe where we can. Try not to put any more pressure on yourself than that. 

Being kind to yourself this time round 

Take it one step at a time 

This year has been a big one, things have changed for everyone. Just because we have done this before it doesn’t mean you have to be ok with it – allow yourself the time to feel your emotions and work through how you feel. 

Take the pressure off 

If you are looking at ways to fill your time there are some good courses here but do remember that there’s no pressure to keep up with what you see others doing online. 

Social media can be a great place to get ideas but remember that you are only seeing the best bits and not many share the failures or lessons learnt.  You might try a new course or skill and find it’s not what you thought or that the pressure of completing it fills you with anxiety – there is no shame in stopping. 

Ask for help if you need it

We can all find ourselves struggling in different ways and in ways we might not have expected. Please reach out to others if you need it, the sooner you start those conversations the better. Whilst there is a lot going on in the world, your problems matter. You can find a list of help and resources here.

Help others if you can 

We are all weathering the same storm but we all have different boats. If you are feeling able you can volunteer your time and resources. 

One small but mighty thing we can all do is be kinder to each other, check in on your friends and loved ones, think before you send a mean message online and stay home where you can. 

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