Give employers more than just a CV to look at!

Published by Leon Fearon.

Future Best are changing the way that job seekers gain employment!

Hi I’m Leon. I am 23 years old and live in South London. I have a passion for ensuring people in my local community receive the best opportunities society has to offer them. Being so passionate about my community resulted in me being in the eye of the public when I aired my views to the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson after the London Riots in August 2011. I’ve always wanted to achieve something significant in life and change things I feel can be done better. Click here to watch the video.

I’m currently taking part in Virgin Media Business: #VOOM 2016. It’s a pitch to Richard Branson to win an investment plus, a whole raft of opportunities. Click here to vote.

About Future Best: We are a mobile app that will give job-seekers the opportunity to upload a 30 second video telling employers about their skills, employment history and qualifications to get the job. It gives employers a chance to learn the personality behind the words of the job-seekers CV, attitude, passions and what motivates them in life.
Why we do this: To give people who don’t necessarily have the qualifications or work history on paper the chance to showcase their greatest asset… their personality. We believe you are not defined by the words on the page of a CV but by your experiences. So if you didn’t do well in school but you love getting your hands dirty inside the bonnet of a car, then let’s see what you can do! If you have a gap in your CV because you backpacked around the world for 15 months then tell us how that experience changed you. This is your chance to show us the person behind the words on the page.
How we will do it: By engaging with employers to learn more about what they want to know from a potential employee. Offering job-seekers the chance to sell themselves on a platform with active employers and recruiters seeking to find those who have more than just qualifications, but drive, determination and personality.

Watch our Pitch to Richard Branson here

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