First Day In Your New Job? Pack For Success!

first day new job

Your first job is a whole new world from where you’re coming from. Remember those first day at school butterflies in your stomach? Don’t worry. With the right kit you’ll be set for whatever life sends your way.

Congratulations, you got the job and you are ready to shine!

Today is going to be a big day for you, in new surroundings with all those new faces and names. “Anxious and excited were just two of the emotions I felt on the morning of my first day,” said TfL apprentice Omar. It’s natural to feel newbie nerves but it’s exciting too, so embrace the new.

As well as being polite, smart, and attentive – all the things you are anyway – you can make your first day in your new job that bit easier by bringing the right kit. Once you’ve got yourself settled, you’ll be ready to try these first job career hacks!

Pen and paper

So it’s your first day in your new job, and people are going to be cramming your head with new ideas, tips and ways of doing things. Make sure you’ve got something to write all those nuggets of wisdom down.

HOT TIP: Sometimes it can help to jot down names to put to all those new faces too.

Proof of you

Who are you? Your employers know because they hired you, but there may be forms to fill in and papers to sign when a fresh face joins the team.

Check through your offer of employment letter and any documentation you’re given on your first day. Read it carefully to see if you’re expected to provide things like your National Insurance number, passport details, P45 or driver’s licence.

Paperwork is never anyone’s favourite fun-time, but having docs and ID to hand on your first day – even if you’re not asked for them – can help it all go smoothly.

A4 folder

You might be given all kinds of things on your first day and you’ll want to store them safely. You may not get a desk with a drawer or a locker, so an A4 folder will keep your paperwork safe in one place for when you need it.

Fully charged (and silent) phone

A first day is full of new faces, ideas and activities and it can all become an exciting blur. These new experiences are like a game – you gotta catch them all!

Bring your phone, but keep it on silent so you can concentrate on what’s happening in real-life around you, not the little box in your hand. Keeping it in your bag or pocket will help you remember to limit its use until lunch. Unless your manager says otherwise, it may help you to think of personal phone use as a perk you could get to earn over time. This will help give a good impression and show that your mind is 100% on your new job not what your friends are up to that evening.

Make sure your phone is fully charged in the morning. Try not to do anything that might use up all your phone’s juice during the day.

People might get together to welcome you to the team with a drink after work, so you’ll need a charged phone to send texts, make calls or use Google Maps to find transport in a location you may still be getting to know.

A phone that’s charged + silent = peace of mind.

Back to basics

Other things you’ll want to have on you include:

Address and travel notes. Getting into work for a morning start is completely different to travelling into an afternoon interview, so make a note of the address, route and how long travel will take.

A note of who to ask for. It might be your manager, a trainer or someone you haven’t met yet. If you’ve been given this information, keep it to hand.

Money. What and where are you going to eat for lunch today? You may be buying your own lunch, not bringing in a packed lunch. If you don’t know the area, you’ll need to scout around to find what’s on offer and how much it costs. Bring money to cover costs and travel, and a bit extra too – in case your team plans to take you out for welcome drinks after work.

Keys. Who wants to find they’re locked out at the end of a big, important day? No one, that’s who.

Water. Your first day on the job is all about finding out where things are. You’ll be shown the kitchen in your new workplace if there is one. If you’re lucky there may be shared snacks and drinks on offer too, but you won’t know until you’re shown. Got a small bottle of water on you? Job done. Hydrate to stay great.

And there’s more…

Want to start your new job with an ace up your sleeve? Check out Plotr’s 7 mind-blowing career hacks for your first job.


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