Exam grades: What is the latest and what does it mean for me?

Yesterday afternoon the Government announced that GCSE and A level grades awarded this year would be the estimated grades teachers had originally sent through. Up until yesterday results would have been based on these grades then going through an algorithm. If the algorithm would have seen you come out with higher grades these (higher) grades will be awarded.


Will my school have the new grades ready for me on Thursday?

At the moment the information available indicates that GCSE students will get teacher estimated grades on Thursday.

Why aren’t they using mock results?

There has been concern that not every school runs mock exams the same way, some even do multiple mocks. You often take your mocks before you have learnt the full syllabus and not everybody takes the same exam – it was decided that this system was not the fairest way to do things.

Can I still appeal my grades?

The appeals system will still be open, this will need to be something you do with your school, college or sixth form.

A level

How and when will I get the new A level grades?

Your ‘new’ A level grades will be reissued and sent to your school, college or sixth form, check with your sixth form or college and find out what they are planning to do. At the moment we are being given timelines that these should be with your school by Friday but as know the system hasn’t been perfect so far.

I have already missed my university place – what does this change for me?

A level students received their results a week ago and those opting to go to university will have perhaps already chosen to alternatives and places to study.

Once these new grades have been confirmed you might change your mind on places you have accepted, you will need to talk to your original university choice and any university you have accepted through clearing. This year has been unprecedented and you might find that even now with the grades your first choice university has filled all of their places. You might find with your new grades you can go through clearing and chose a different university or course or you might chose the keep these grades and apply to be part of next year’s cohort.

UCAS have given this latest insight in to what you should do next

BTECs and vocational qualifications

The algorithm used for GCSE and A level results has not been used for BTEC or VTQ so these grades will not be changing alongside A level or GCSE results. You can read about how these have been graded here.

We know there are some learners who are still awaiting their BTEC or VTQ grades, the latest information is that these are being dealt with as quickly as possible but as yet no time frame has been announced.

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