Ready for that interview? You need this skills checklist!

job interview checklist

By Kenechi Eziefula

See how you do with this handy checklist for interviews! Can you tick off all the items? If you can tick off all ten items you’ve got a great chance of acing your interview – good luck!

1. Time


It is important to be prepared before every networking event, interview or exam. Do you read up about the organisations you attend interviews for? Do you have a business card to hand out to prospective employers at careers fairs?

Yes, that’s me/ No, that’s not me

2. Body language


The way you carry yourself matters. First impressions last, and the majority of communication is non-spoken. How are your communication skills? Do you dress to impress? Are you pro-active in approaching potential employers?

Yes, that’s me/ No, that’s not me

3. Spelling and Grammar


The spelling and grammar on your CV and covering letter must be up to standard, or else it may not be taken seriously. Do you have a friend or family member read over your CV after you’ve made changes, and someone to check over your covering letter when applying to jobs?

Yes, that’s me/ No, that’s not me

4. Responsibility


Taking responsibility for oneself helps to build confidence and focus the mind – self-belief is a skill!. Do you self-evaluate your actions, applications and interview technique? Do you practice interviews with friends and family?

Yes, that’s me/ No, that’s not me

5. Examples

All employers ask for specific examples of when you have demonstrated your ability in the field you are applying for. This may be drawn from school, a hobby, or any work experience you may have done. Do you prepare engaging stories to share about your experience before an interview?

Yes, that’s me/ No, that’s not me

6. Finances

Close up of calculator and data

Travelling to and from interviews and careers fairs can hurt the wallet. Do you keep an account of your incoming and outgoing money? Do you manage to utilise the best bargains on travel?

Yes, that’s me/ No, that’s not me

7. Self Belief


Lacking confidence in one’s abilities is a hurdle that must be leapt over on the path to work readiness. Do you write and speak about yourself in a positive manner and tone?

Yes, that’s me/ No, that’s not me

8. Perseverance

Applying for work can be hard, and being successful in work can be even harder. Cultivating a mindset of patience, optimism and ambition will help to ensure you do not lose focus. Do you set a personal target for the number of applications to be sent?

Yes, that’s me/ No, that’s not me

9. Decisiveness


When you apply for many jobs, you may hear back from many at once, or from a organisation that was not your first choice, or from one has an issue with salary expectations and so forth. Do you make pro and cons lists to weigh up the benefits and negatives of each choice and compare them to each other? Do you make decisions in good time, allowing for plenty of negotiating room?

Yes, that’s me/ No, that’s not me

10. Competitive

2012 Tour of Utah; Stage 2 Team Time Trail.

The position you are applying for is wanted by people from all over the UK. There are hundreds or thousands of applicants for one single position.  Do you make yourself stand out and memorable to employers? Do you have skills, experience, networks or qualifications that allow you to get to the front of the queue?

Yes, that’s me/ No, that’s not me

Download a copy of this skills check list, print it and keep it handy!

And here’s one you can give to your friends – Rate my mate!

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