Apprenticeship & Traineeship Corona Virus Q&A

This Q&A with Stewart Segal covers the questions surrounding apprenticeships and traineeships that young people might be having right now. 
We are now a couple of months into the current lockdown and the Prime Minister has signalled the beginnings of a way out of lockdown.
In the meantime the government has announced a number of changes and flexibilities to their education programmes that will affect young people in work and those that are looking to get into work.  These changes are designed to help young people but it can also cause some confusion.
We have put together these Q and As to help young people through these difficult times.
  1. Will apprenticeships and traineeships continue?

    Yes. All of the apprenticeship and traineeship programmes will continue there may even be some changes that can help you stay on the programme you’ve started.  You need work closely with your employer and your training provider to make sure you get the most from your programme.

  2. I am on an Apprenticeship programme but I have been put on furlough.  Can I continue?

    Yes, you are allowed to train and stay on your apprenticeship throughout the furlough period.  In fact this period will give you some time to do any off the job training, you should work closely with your employer and training provider to make the most of this time.

  3. Can I do the training at any time?

    Yes, you can manage training at any time whilst you are not working because your normal working times are not operating.

  4. Can I go through my End Point Assessment (EPA) process?

    Yes you can.  Your employer and training provider will work with you to make sure you are ready to go through your EPA and they will arrange this to be done even if you cannot attend your usual workplace.  Your provider can tell you how the assessment has changed because there may be a different process whilst we are all working from home.  You should work closely with your provider to do the necessary preparation and raise any questions or worries you might have straight have.

  5. I also need to do my Functional Skills.  Can I do those?

    As with GCSEs and A levels the government has decided to allow your training provider to calculate and judge whether you have reached the necessary standard to pass your functional skills programme.  The way they will do that will be issued soon. You should work with your training provider to ensure they have the required evidence to make that decision.  This should not delay your end point assessment if you are ready to do that.

  6. If I am made redundant can I continue with my apprenticeship?

    Unfortunately there are likely to be some redundancies as a result of the coronavirus so if you are made redundant within 6 months of the end of your programme then your training provider will continue to support you and if possible continue your training and even complete your programme if you can.  If you are not within 6 months of the end of your programme the training provider will support you for a minimum of 3 months but they can provide even more support for you.

  7. I am being redeployed to a new job can I still continue on my apprenticeship?

    If you are redeployed in to a new job it is possible for you to continue on your apprenticeship as there is likely to be lots of common tasks and activities that can be related back to your apprenticeship. At the last resort your provider and employer can create a break in your programme so that you can delay for a short period and pick up your programme later. This can be used when it really is impossible for you to continue your apprenticeship.

  8. Will Traineeship programmes continue?

    Yes they will and you should ensure your provider reviews the programme with you.  There are also more flexibilities in terms of the work experience that is planned for you.  This can be adapted and shortened or delayed until later in the programme.  There are ways to get work experience even if you are working from home too.

  9. I am interested in doing some short courses.  Are there any available?

    Yes, if you are unemployed there are lots of programmes available through your local college or training provider.

New information about how lockdown will start to ease and what it will mean for those going back to work is being released every day. We will be making sure our webpages are up to date for apprentices, those on traineeships and all young people. You can find out the latest information on our dedicated landing page.

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