Youth Ambassador Deuvaunn: “Young people are the future of the country”

Deuvaunn Darroux

Meet Deuvaunn Darroux, one of our volunteer Youth Ambassadors helping to empower other young people today. Find out more about his experience below.

You can also read more Youth Ambassador stories, and volunteer as a Youth Ambassador if you live in the UK and you’re aged 16-24!

Tell us a bit about you…

I’m Deuvaunn, an 18-year-old student from South London. I am an enthusiastic and driven person with a passion for law, politics and history, as well as bringing positive change to young people. I have a strong work ethic with a consistent desire to learn and develop; I enjoy learning new things and working on projects that are beneficial to present and future generations. I am currently studying a BTEC Diploma in Business Studies at Lewisham College.

Why did you join Youth Employment UK as a Youth Ambassador?

I came across the Youth Employment UK website while doing some research on groups that did youth advocacy work, and after digging a bit deeper and speaking to Youth Employment UK’s CEO LJ, I was determined to become an Ambassador. I believe that young people deserve to have a voice and the loudest voices should be ours. I joined Youth Employment UK in order to help young people like myself have the voice that we so desperately need on issues that affect us.

Deuvaunn speaking census

Deuvaunn opening the 2019 Youth Voice Census Results launch as First Speaker

What have you been involved with so far?

Since becoming an Ambassador, I have had so many great opportunities. I am not sure where to even begin! I have attended most APPG meetings since joining and have even posed a question or two at them. I have also attended forums in Westminster relating to the impact of Brexit on young people, even having the chance to meet MPs. I have also been involved in projects surrounding various issues, such as work experience.

The highlights of my Ambassadorship so far have been my appointment to the Youth Employment UK Ambassador Board as the Policy Officer, and presenting remarks at the launch of our 2019 Youth Voice Census Report.

How has being a Youth Ambassador helped you?

As an Ambassador I have been able to meet and engage with people from varying sectors. It has also helped me to develop my networking and public speaking skills immensely, while presenting me with opportunities to impact young people’s lives and the lives of future generations.

Would you recommend others to become a Youth Ambassador? Why?

Youth Employment UK has helped to develop me, both personally and professionally. I am more confident, and I feel as though I have a greater voice now because I have an amazing organisation that has given me a massive platform to share my thoughts and opinions – I appreciate the opportunities that Youth Employment UK has given me including speaking at their events and working along with them on different projects.

Can you sum up your experience in one sentence?

Being a Youth Ambassador is one of the most rewarding experiences you can ever have!

Let’s say it louder for the people at the back… what do the people in charge really need to know about youth employment today?

The people in Whitehall and Westminster need to realise that young people are the future of the country and that them having good employment opportunities is the principal part of helping them to achieve their goals – both for themselves and for the country.

And what do you think the people in charge really need to know about education today?

It’s a real problem if those people in government and parliament fail to realise that young people require the best education opportunities to progress. Without these opportunities and even necessities, we as young people will struggle and maybe even fail to achieve our goals – these very goals designed to help us make the UK a much better country to live, work and study in.

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