Numeracy : Learning to become comfortable with being uncomfortable

“I can’t do Maths”

Think you just can’t do maths? It just isn’t in your genes? Check out Mike Ellicock; Chief Executive, National Numeracy TedxTalk. You might be surprised to learn that there is no ‘maths gene’ we all have the ability to do maths – so what is stopping us?

Watch Mike’s TedxTalk and learn the three things  we can do to get rid of ‘I can’t do maths’  attitude and give everyone the confidence to use numbers and data to make good decisions in daily life.

  • The first is value. We need to recognise the value of maths – not the complex, theoretical type, but simple maths for the situations that you’re going to encounter in real life.
  • The second element is mindset. We need to believe that there is no specific ‘maths gene’ or, put another way, that we all have the genetic make-up to become numerate.
  • And the final element is allowing ourselves to feel uncomfortable – but then fight in response rather than run to the hills! We have to be prepared to struggle and get things wrong in order to succeed – and that applies to anything but it is particularly stark in maths.

Watch the full video here:

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