Build resilience: Review your own work in seconds with this free worksheet!

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Download this free worksheet to find out how you really did on a project… in seconds. It’s a great way to build your resilience and self-belief skills as a Young Professional.

Ever get the feeling you could have done better in your work or study but you’re not sure how? You don’t always get the feedback you need, but help is at hand. There’s one person who has always got your back and can always tell you the truth you need to hear.  YOU. See how to review your own work and control your own destiny with this free downloadable worksheet.

How it works:

Click here to download your worksheet.

Once you’ve got it, it’s yours to keep. You can print it out as many times as you like. It’s just a Word doc, nothing fancy.

It takes seconds to fill in every time you complete a project of any kind, big or small.

You want an honest answer about how you really did? Just fill in the worksheet quickly. Go with your gut instinct and BE HONEST. You’ll soon spot areas where you could have achieved even more. Then again, it might just reveal exactly why you did so well!


Take a look at this example worksheet. It was completed by someone who put their all into a project on their internship, but still didn’t do as well as they expected. Why not? A brief glance at the worksheet shows that they worked hard, but didn’t listen enough to what they were asked to do or how to approach the task. As a result, they didn’t do as well as they hoped. Next time, they’ll keep up the effort… but maybe try to listen more, too.

Using this worksheet is so quick and easy. And it could reveal so much. Give it a go and see how you do!

Download your free self-review worksheet

Did you know?

Using this worksheet helps you build an important quality called resilience. Resilience is part of a very important skill called self-belief, which you can build as part of your free Young Professional training if you are aged 14-24.

Resilience helps you be realistic as well as confident in what you can achieve. It helps you understand that failing is a 100% vital part of learning, and that it’s okay to take baby steps before you learn to spread your wings and fly.

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