5 Interview Tips From a Recruitment Consultant

Interview tips from a recruitment consultant

Interview tips from a recruitment consultantGetting through to the interview stage is something to proud of. You’ve done a great job with your CV and application and you’ve been invited to meet your potential employer face to face. We’ve prepared some top interview tips below with the help of a recruitment consultant.

It is fair to say that lots of people find interviews scary but practise and preparation is the key! You should be doing your research on the company and job role and thinking of some of the questions you might be asked.

We caught up with Youth Employment UK Ambassador and recruitment consultant Courtney for her interview tips:

5 Interview Tips From a Recruitment Consultant

  1. Be confident! Employers love to see a confident candidate who clearly knows what they want and how they will get there. Although, make sure your confidence doesn’t come across as arrogance!
  2. Don’t speak badly of your previous employer! Regardless of the circumstances
    never speak poorly of them, to your new employer they will think if this is how they speak about them is this how they will
    speak about us?
  3. Don’t be late! This will give a bad outlook from the start, the employer has set aside the ti
    me for your interview and you need to be prepared! If you are unsure of the location of the company/interview then travel there the day before to avoid getting lost on the day!
  4. Dress appropriately! You want to dress in an appropriate way according to the type and style of company. Maybe look at employees LinkedIn pages if you’ve previously been into the place of work think back to what they were wearing! If in doubt err on the side of business smart.
  5. Ask something! At the end of an interview you never want to have nothing to say, it can make you look very disinterested. Always have a few questions planned before your interview.

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