Volunteer Youth Ambassador Priscilla: “Young people need to be given a chance”

Volunteering with Youth Employment UK is great for your confidence, youth empowerment and your CV! Meet our Youth Ambassador Priscilla Joseph.

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Tell us a bit about you…

I joined Youth Employment UK in 2019. I currently work as a midday assistant at a primary school. I am  also studying Japanese.

Why did you join Youth Employment UK as a Youth Ambassador?

I became a Youth Ambassador because I was looking for things to do after I graduated. I finished university in July 2019 but was not able to get work straight away, so I decided to join in November 2019.

What have you been involved with so far?

I was involved with the Ambassador Board, took part in presenting the Youth Voice Census 2020 and was the Project Lead for a project to spread awareness about employability skills in schools.

How has being a Youth Ambassador helped you?

Volunteering as a Youth Ambassador has helped me to have more confidence because I was able to take on roles that I would have never thought of doing.

If a young person was unsure about joining the Youth Ambassador team, what would you tell them?

I would tell them that it would be a great opportunity to improve their employability skills, get things to put on their CV and to make a positive contribution to society.

Can you sum up your experience in one sentence?

Being a Youth Ambassador is interesting and fulfilling.

Let’s say it louder for the people at the back… what do the people in charge really need to know about youth employment today?

The people in charge need to know that young people need to be given a chance. Employers need to create opportunities for them and be willing to give them a chance. I have been fortunate enough to have an employer who was willing to give me a chance and I think that all young people deserve the same. Young people also need to be equipped with the appropriate skills and told about all their options not just some.

What might you say to someone who isn’t feeling confident about their skills or future?

They should get involved with lots of things. Think about what they like to do and what interests them. Do volunteering and go learn things.

What advice would you give to yourself five years ago?

I would tell my past self to do more things.  When I was in college I focused on my studies and did not do any part time work. Looking back I think that having a part time job or even doing some volunteering would have given me more confidence in looking for a job.

What are your plans for the future?

I am planning to continue working with children like I do now. I am hoping to work with children who find it a little harder to behave.  If children do not learn to manage their behaviour from youth and are not given the appropriate help then they could ruin their chances when they get older.

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