Do young people currently have the building blocks for a healthy future?

In October 2019, the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) released the “Young People’s Future Health Inquiry: The quality of work […]

Careers strategy

A new careers strategy? an update from Robert Halfon

An update on Careers Strategy? We were invited to Westminster Academy yesterday to hear Robert Halfon’s latest announcement on careers […]

A generation of unease

The Disability Employment Conundrum

The quest to find stable and high-quality employment has almost certainly been one of the defining challenges that have set […]

Chaotic careers education!?

On the day of our conference where we spent our time looking at all of the good in the world […]

Reflections on the emotional plight of trying to find work – Some possible solutions

By Laurence Griffin   In February, Laurence wrote about the barriers and difficulties faced when looking for work. Here, he […]

Ambassadors interview about youth unemployment

Two of our Ambassadors were recently invited to talk to Georgie Frost of ShareRadio last week. You can listen to […]

5 ways to improve your work readiness

By Kenechi Eziefula  1. Improve your time-keeping Time-keeping is one of the most basic and valued skills that you can […]

Girl’s what will you do with your degree?

Girl’s what will you do with your degree?  It surprised us to read, that after completing a degree so few […]

ncc logo

Meet NCC’s first ever Apprentice – 2009

Sally Swift was the first ever apprentice to be employed by NCC back in 2009, and has paved the way […]

Tips for Employer’s – be ‘Youth Friendly’ get your badge!

Tips for Employer’s Getting UK employers to back our young people is something we are wholly committed to doing.  We […]

Department of Education and youth organisations

  Seeing a teacher outside of school is usually an embarrassing experience, but is even worse if the teacher works […]

Labour Market Analysis – April

At YEUK we think that by understanding the labour market young people can help make an informed choice about the […]