Remember the burgundy Record of Achievement folder?

Published by Rachel McKimm

Last week saw the Managing Director of My Work History attending an All Parliamentary Party Group meeting arranged by Youth Employment UK with Nadhim Zahawi, the Prime Ministers Advisor for Apprenticeships speaking alongside Baroness Jean Corston around the agenda for Apprenticeships.

Baroness Jean Corston spoke fondly of her Grandson who didn’t want to go to University, he wanted to make furniture. He was concerned she would be disappointed but what disappointed her more was that he felt that learning a trade whilst working was not seen as a positive career step. She went on to say that there didn’t seem to be any advice or somewhere for him to look for the opportunities to make this step. Luckily, she had a contact who could help him and he ended up following his dream and making furniture. Jean went on to say that it shouldn’t come down to who your Granny knows for you to find the opportunities.

With attendees from a variety of companies including many delivering Traineeships and Apprenticeships, the discussions were based around how opportunities are presented and what information is given to students.

The funding for this information delivery is with the schools. The responsibility for Information, Advice and Guidance needs to be impartial and delivered at the right time to students and their parents. Businesses want young people to have Life skills, be able to work in a team, manage their time effectively and take responsibility for their actions. We need to be preparing all our young people and giving them a platform to present themselves in the current marketplace whether looking for work experience, Traineeships, Apprenticeships or paid work. We need to standardise how young people are prepared for the world outside of school and give them the tools to find and take whatever opportunity they want and businesses will have to standardise what is accepted in the application process so everyone’s expectations are managed.

My Work History has been designed to give every person an equal platform to present themselves in the current marketplace. We have a digital space where young people will create and maintain their work profile for the whole of their working lives. They can up-load supporting evidence and ask the community to verify their past experiences to build a credible and verified portfolio, accepted throughout the education and  business community.

Remember the burgundy Record of Achievement folder? We have created the modern, smart, inclusive digital version of that.

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We are educating young people in 2016, giving them the confidence to take control of their own lives through impartial IAG, parent/carer awareness sessions and a Digital profile to present themselves to open opportunities. My Work History is the one place where Education meets Business and the people within those communities can connect.

I would welcome the chance to explain more about your needs and plans for delivery of IAG to your young people and look forward to your thoughts.

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