Looking For Work In A Pandemic – A Young Person’s Perspective: Jess

First Name: Jess
Age: 17
Location: Corby, Northamptonshire

How long have you been looking for work?

I have been looking for one since January, I currently have a job but it’s only a zero hour contract but work stopped because of Covid.  I have applied for many jobs within retail but I have also been applying for apprenticeships but due to Covid it seems no one is advertising for apprenticeships. 

What sort of job are you looking for?

I have now decided I would like to go into an apprenticeship and leave college. I feel like it would be a better long term opportunity for me as I learn while doing a job and I find it the most productive in terms of my education. I would ideally like to go into something where i am not at a desk all day, something like painting and decorating would probably be my ideal apprenticeship. 

Do you have support to find work through family, school, college, youth services?

My family supports me when looking for a job, they keep an eye out for opportunities and let me know. 

Have you had any success (interviews etc)?

I went to an interview in my hometown for an apprenticeship and I didn’t get the apprenticeship as they were concerned that I would have to get public transport and it wasn’t always reliable. 

Why do you think you are finding it so hard?

I think it is because in Corby we are very industrialised and the opportunities for young people are not there as much as other towns or cities. A Lot of the work in Corby is factory work which you have to be 18 for or in retail which isn’t my desired career aspiration. 

Do you think Coronavirus is making it harder for you, why

Yes I do think that Covid has made it difficult for me as the opportunities are just not there at the moment due to businesses being closed. 

How do you feel about your future career?

I am confident that I will do something I enjoy but I’m not sure currently what that is. I am unsure what sector I would like to go into but the idea of painting and decorating sounds like something that I would like to do, so I am hoping an apprenticeship comes up for that so that I can learn while doing the work. 

How confident are you that you will find work?

At the moment I am not confident but I’m hoping when Covid is over the opportunities will arise and I will hopefully start going towards my career. My confidence will hopefully change as I think people will be offering apprenticeships to give young people an opportunity to get into careers.

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