Looking for work in a pandemic – A young person’s perspective: Alina

First Name: Alina
Age: 23
Location: East London
What type of employment opportunity you are looking for?
Since my internship ended  I have been looking for employment within the media, environment, recruitment sectors as well as local councils. Before my internship, I was looking for jobs between October 2019 to December 2019 whilst balancing volunteering roles at Newham Autism Parents Group and Community Links where I gained communication and teamwork skills which have helped prepared me for the further employment opportunities.
What you think the big barriers are for you right now?
I think the most significant barriers for myself have been catching up with technological advancements within the interview process, as I have not been used to doing online interviews such as pre-recorded interviews. I also feel that career advice has been slightly inaccessible due to the focus on delivery being shifted online and on the phone. Personally I think careers advice is most built on ideas pre-COVID, as I feel that there is a lack of preparation on how to get your CV and Cover Letter past the Application Tracking Systems as many careers advisors and applicants are also learning about this simultaneously.
Your concerns for your future employment?
I feel that during COVID-19 and certainly post-COVID, the automation and digitisation of the application process will accelerate. Currently, a lot of career advisors and applicants alike may not be very aware of Application Tracking Systems and how the automation processes work. This is quite concerning as young people who may not have the employment experience or the guidelines may not be able to pass through the ATS systems. Increased competition from more experienced candidates will also become an issue as young people. Many younger people will also need to learn more about networking and how it can play a vital part in getting to know the sector/company which they are applying for.

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