It’s A level results day : but what’s next?

A level results

So you’ve done it, you’ve been brave, torn the envelope and you’ve got the results. The anticipation of the last few weeks and worrying if you wrote the right thing in that last exam has been building up like a kettle! Take a deep breath, make sure you have what you need with you all the log in details to UCAS track or the details for your future apprenticeship employer and let’s do this!

Now what?

Pat yourself on the back – if you can say you really tried your best in your exams  you deserve a big pat on the back. You’ve worked hard and don’t forget to tell yourself that!

Nailed it? Let’s start telling people

If you’re applying for university, you’ll no doubt be refreshing the UCAS page non-stop checking you’ve got your offers sorted.

If you’ve applied for apprenticeships, traineeships or other forms of vocational learning and training, you’ll finally be able to confirm you’ve got the grades they were looking for.

If you’re planning to head into work, congrats on your A-level results! If you impress your future employer they may be able to offer you further training as part of your job, or you can also explore further learning courses while you work.

Houston, we have a problem! Let’s start telling people!

Stay calm, you’ve got options! Firstly you need to see if the grades you received stop you taking your planned next step. Can you access Uni with these grades or is your chosen employer flexible with a minor grade change?

If you are really unhappy with your results you might need to consider resitting or getting your exam’s re-marked – sometimes the we need all need a second go at something before it all clicks in to place.

Haven’t got it all figured out yet?

You might have changed your mind or, you might have been using the summer to think through your options. It can sometimes feel like everyone knows exactly what they want to do and has it all figured out – that is very rarely true! Talk to your parents, guardians and friends about how you feel, you might want one more discussion on apprenticeships, entry-level jobs and university before you take the plunge and that is ok too! We cover some of your options here but the national careers service are available to talk through your options.

If Uni is for you!

Uni applications: Check your UCAS Track status

UCAS Track will be open from around 8AM on results day, so fight the impulse to keep checking it before then. Schools and college advisers suggest you check it AFTER you get your results, not before. This way they’ll be around to support you with post-results decisions. Remember that UCAS can’t speak to anyone but you about your applications unless you’ve authorised them to do so. Track won’t show your grades – it’ll just show if you’ve been accepted by your firm or insurance choice universities.

Got your firm uni offer? Tell the world! (Just not your uni)

If you got the grades you needed for a conditional firm offer from a uni, or it’s given you an unconditional firm offer in spite of missed grades, go ahead and celebrate! Tell the world, but you don’t need to phone your uni and double-check. You know who’s already got this amazing piece of news? That’s right, your uni.

Got your insurance uni offer? Talk to your uni (if it’s a conditional offer)

If you made your insurance uni offer that’s great news – you’re going to uni! If it’s unconditional, just wait for your confirmation letter explaining what to do next. If UCAS Track is still saying ‘conditional’ by early afternoon on results day, your best bet is to phone the university and check to see if there’s any delay.

Then again…

Missed both your firm and insurance offer? Time to enter Clearing…

If you haven’t been accepted for your firm or insurance universities, please don’t think it’s the end of the world. For one thing, you can enter for Clearing. Your grades might work for another university – and remember, you don’t have to accept their offer if you don’t want to! You can also retake A-levels, re-apply for uni next year or look at other options like working, apprenticeships, vocational courses or gap years.

Even if you didn’t get into uni exactly the way you thought, you have so many options open to you. Remember, teachers and career advisers know their stuff and they’re here to help.

Want to defer your entry for a year?

You might have got the grades and got into uni, but have done even better in your exams than expected. Or you might have changed your mind about the uni or course you wanted to go on… it’s worth bearing in mind that isn’t just for people that didn’t get the grades. Lots of people do it because they have changed their minds.

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