How could the job hunting process change after furlough? Tips from a Youth Ambassador

In what ways will young people find it tough to look for jobs once the furlough scheme ends? Youth Ambassador Alina shares what to look out for, along with her job hunting tips.

There is no doubt that the jobhunting process has been complicated during the COVID-19 pandemic. When the furlough scheme comes to a close, redundancies might be on the rise. That could lead to the jobhunting process becoming more challenging than it already is. I would like to talk about two significant ways in which the jobhunting process will change after the furlough scheme ends, and ways to stay resilient in your job search after the scheme finishes.

Emphasis on skills and development

Due to the pandemic, there has been an increase in the emphasis on skills and development for many jobseekers. This is because many jobs require additional training and understanding of the role. Due to the rise in government, technology and customer service-based roles, as well as the easy access of online courses, this has led to a higher emphasis on skills and personal development. Young people will need to demonstrate that they have the versatile skills to outperform in the current job market.

In particular, there is a focus on sector-based skills which are being offered by the DWP and other businesses through sector-based work academies and online courses. There is also a focus on personal development skills, whether that is to do with public speaking skills or on how to improve your productivity during COVID. In recent interviews, there is also a focus on the activities which you may have done during the lockdown (whether that is paid employment or volunteering opportunities which you may have completed during the pandemic).

Increased competition within the labour market

There is no doubt that redundancies and job losses will increase even with the introduction of the Job Support Scheme. This means that there will be more increased competition for young people then there already is. In turn, that means that there is a higher chance for rejected applications and a further reduction in the feedback given by the employer.

Applications and interviews will also be prioritised based on experience and strong track record on skills and personal development. This can be detrimental to young people who have recently left school or graduated from university, and are starting with little to no work experience and voluntary positions, as they will be competing with experienced candidates within the labour market.

Tips on job hunting after furlough

Resilience is the key to continuing your jobhunting journey during this very unprecedented time.

One way which this can be done is through diversifying your job search, which usually leans more towards your natural skills and strengths.

Another important tip is to read through which kind of skills a particular sector or job may be looking for when you are completing your daily job search. This can help you determine which skills and personalities are needed for a particular sector within the labour market.

Good luck!

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