Are exams important? Check out 9 reasons to make revising for exams a priority.

are exams important

Are exams important? Don’t worry – you’ll have lots of options open to you, however well you do in exams. Even so, these reasons to revise will spur you on to give exams your best shot.

1. Enjoy that glowing feeling

Exams aren’t the only measure of success. However you do, you have lots of great qualities to focus on in life! But it’s always important to do as well as you can. You don’t have to get the highest grade possible to feel the glowing satisfaction of “I really tried my best”.

2. Exams don’t happen very often and they don’t last long (phew)

You won’t get many exams in life, so it makes sense to give them all you’ve got when they turn up. Exams are more of a sprint than a marathon. Yes, there’s lots of effort involved but they’ll be over soon and then you can forget about them!

3. You’ll know more than you thought

When you walk into exams you may discover you know so much more than you thought you do. Even if you’re faced with an exam question you’ve never seen before, your revision can help you find a way to answer it in style!

4. Once exams are over… it’s time to party!

Studying may feel like hard work, but the celebration will be so much sweeter when all those exams are finally done and dusted. Any celebrations you’ve got planned – from meeting up with friends to treating yourself to something you really wanted – will be a great chance to cut loose and love that feeling of freedom.

5. Revising for exams is a great way to save money

Okay, the downside of revising for exams is you won’t get out and about as often. But think of all the money you’re saving! You don’t need lots of money to relax and take care of yourself as you revise. After all, there’s always Netflix, or taking the dog for a walk (if you have a dog. Don’t take someone else’s dog for a walk without asking first). And with all the money you’ve saved, you’ll have more to splurge when Results Day comes around.

6. Building up key employability skills (like time management)

Think revising is pointless cramming that will never come in useful once exams are over? Think again. You’re building incredibly important life skills like self-management, initiative and organisation. Every time you buckle down and do some revision even when you don’t feel like it, you’re building self-belief skills like resilience (dealing with life’s hard knocks) and having a positive attitude.

These are all life skills that will help you live the kind of life you really want to live. They’re nothing to do with exams, and everything to do with who you are and what you want from your future, wherever it takes you.

They’re the kinds of skills employers love, and that’s why you can build these skills up as a Young Professional. This is free training that we can give you whoever you are, wherever you live in the UK, so long as you’re aged 14-24. In fact, it really doesn’t take long to take the training, so click the link and give it a go. As you build your skills and revise, it will help you remember why you’ve got your nose in study books in the first place – so you can live a life you’re proud of.

7. You’ll get even more options to choose from after exams

Getting the best results you can opens you up to even more options to choose from after your exams. If you didn’t get the results you wanted there are still lots of next steps available to you, including exam resits or earn-while-you-learn opportunities. Getting the results you hoped for just makes next steps like university UCAS applications that bit easier.

8. The learning never stops (that’s a good thing)

Life is a learning process, and learning is… kind of… fun? It’s always fun to be curious, and to feel a sense of achievement that you’ve got a better handle on the world around you. If you’re planning to stay in education after the examsa are over, how you did will give you a better idea of what interests you want to explore more deeply in the future. Your exam results could also help you make choices for further study.

9. You don’t know what the future holds. So try your best.

Do you really, truly know what the future holds? If you do, great – you could make a lot of money out of such an amazing skills. For most of us, thinking about the future involves a bit of gut instinct, a bit of guesswork and keeping an open mind.

The subject you found hardest to revise for could turn out to be really useful in a future career you’ll love – even if you haven’t thought about it as a good career for you yet.

Revise as well as you can for all your subjects, and you could put yourself in a good spot for all kinds of dream careers.

Did you know? Doors will open for you whatever your exam results are…

“Dollar” Bill Gates (you know, the Mr. Microsoft multi billionaire) once said “I failed my exams in some subjects and my friend passed. Now he’s an engineer at Microsoft and I’m its owner.” We think they’re both pretty happy with how life turned out!

Exam results aren’t everything, but revising for them will help you discover much more about yourself. So do what you can. Even if your circumstances are tough (because real life can be tough) you’ll know you did your best, and that’s what matters.

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