Develop your soft skills – to boost your CV

Soft skills

Did you know that stepping out of your comfort zone and putting yourself forward for a new experience improves your soft skills?

Soft skills is the name for  the skills we need in life and work that take you a step further out of the playground and slowly progress’s you to the world of adult behaviours.

Try something new

The best way to develop your soft skills is to try something new…

Join a new group such as the Air or Army Cadets or join a Duke of Edinburgh scheme, volunteer your free time to a local charity these can be found on Do It a brilliant resource to find who needs you in your local area.

Why is it good for you:

  • Being part of something that interests you makes you interesting
  • It helps you build the confidence to learn something new
  • It build self-esteem
  • It helps to develop a whole range of soft skills

Wondering what this has to do with employability?

Today’s employers have high expectations of soft skills; being able to get yourself to work each day and when you’re there manage your own workload, being reliable and a part of the team are all high on their lists and best developed through experince.

You can show an employer you have these skills by gaining the experince attending groups and or volunteering. Where you will have had to

  • Get there
  • Manage your time/studies/work load
  • Be reliable
  • Comunicate with new people
  • Network
  • Be fexible

Plus having a hobby beyond reading, socialising and going to the cinema is brilliant for your CV and will help make you a standout candidate!

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