Coping with change

A few weeks ago our lives all changed pretty much overnight and we are facing a new normal, some of us are doing that with a smile on our face and for some it is much harder to cope when things change, especially when we didn’t see it coming and do not know when it will end.

These tips can help you if you are feeling overwhelmed or you find it hard when things change around you. If you are really struggling with emotions there are places that can help you and people to support you. Check out the great work Mind is doing as your first step.

Acknowledge and accept it

Whilst it is hard to deny the current situation we are in with the Coronavirus we can be guilty of denying its impact on our lives and mood. Putting on the brave face and pretending that things aren’t getting you down won’t help you move past it.

Accept the situation and take the time to understand how things have changed for you and how that is making you feel. Try to think of the good and the bad. It’s ok not to be ok about where you are right now but acknowledging that can help you move forward to where you do want to be. 

Think about all the outcomes

Part of accepting your new situation might be about thinking through all of the possible outcomes, write them down if that helps you. Think about what the best case would be and the worst is and think about what control you have over it, if any at all.

Yes, exams are cancelled and that is scary but what could that mean good and bad for you and what can you control about it? You might be working from home or furloughed and worried about how secure your job is, work out all the possibilities and look at what you can control within that.

Understanding that you might have no control over a situation is important, there are some fights you can not win but choosing to reframe your mindset might help. Try faking it at first “I have no control over this and don’t necessarily like it but I am ok with it”

Remember how good you are – you’ve got this

We haven’t all got this far as young professionals without having faced change and challenge before. We have all had to start new schools, jobs, businesses and we have all had things that have made things harder for us. When we face a new challenge or change to what we are comfortable with our first response is fear but think back, you’ve done this before AND I bet some really good skills, friends and learning came out of those challenges too!

Look after yourself

We don’t want to sound like your parents here but eating well, sleeping well and taking exercise will help. When things are changing around us we can throw the towel in on everything, start eating badly and making bad decisions – try not to do that if you can!  Try to keep a routine, it doesn’t have to be the same routine but sleeping all day won’t help your mood, productivity or self.

Consume news and social media as little as you can, or certainly stop when it is making you feel bad or concerned. Try to follow positive accounts and stay away from negative people you have in your contact list (at least until you feel better about the situation)

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