Our Youth Ambassadors hold employability workshop with charity Cardiomyopathy UK

cardiomyopathy uk workshop

Youth Employment UK’s Youth Ambassadors Victoria and Magisha held employment workshops at the Cardiomyopathy National Youth Gathering. They share their experience of the day…

Victoria: On the 10th of August, myself and fellow Youth Employment UK Ambassador Magisha carried out two employment workshops at the Cardiomyopathy National Youth Gathering, an event thrown by the charity Cardiomyopathy UK. Cardiomyopathy is a group of different conditions that affect the structure of the heart muscle and impact its ability to pump blood around the body (‘cardio’ means heart, ‘myo’ means muscle and ‘pathy’ means disease).

We held a youth employment workshop at the Cardiomyopathy National Youth Gathering…

cardiomyopathy uk workshop

cardiomyopathy uk workshop

Victoria: Our workshop was about going into the world of work and what rights young people have in the workplace. Two members from the Cardiomyopathy Youth Panel shared their experiences of changing careers. We had a variety of people who attended the workshops, all in different places in their careers and education.

Magisha: During this workshop we addressed four different aims. The first aim was  to promote the useful bank of information from youth employment uk in order to encourage and guide young people in the right path. The second aim was to help young people who have found out about their condition and not sure what they should do regarding their career choice. The third aim was to give advice regarding job application. The last aim was to explain to them about employability rights and the Equality Act of 2010.

Victoria: We talked about different routes into employment, as not all routes are highlighted and talked about in schools. We discussed what rights you have and information on how and when disclose your disability – as knowing your rights means you can advocate for yourself in the workplace and be more confident. We also focused on what to do if you can’t go down the career path you planned to, and how to change career paths.

Final thoughts…

Victoria: I hope the workshop has helped some of the young people there to think about what the next steps in their careers or education are, and how we here at Youth employment UK can help them on that journey.

Magisha: Overall, the workshop has been a great opportunity to share our knowledge, experience and connect with other young people. We hope that the young people found this workshop very helpful.

cardiomyopathy uk

Cardiomyopathy UK is a charity offering help and information for living with cardiomyopathy. The website has a section specifically for young people, with ways to get in touch with young peer support volunteers.

More about our Youth Ambassadors

The Youth Ambassadors of Youth Employment UK are a dynamic team of young volunteers who do a wide variety of activities to challenge barriers to youth employment across the UK. They put on youth employment workshops at events, feed their insights into UK policy and much more. See how to volunteer as a Youth Ambassador today!

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